11.1 Refresh Part of a Page

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Looks like you placed the full description + ellipses (...) in the True branch and short description in the False branch of the if. Since you condition is:
Length(Issue.Issue.Description) > 100 and not ShowFullDescription
and ShowFullDescription is True by default then you will get the full description + '...' when the page is loaded.
Sure thing, here it is.
Can you share you module? Use Ctrl+S to export it or through the Export option in the eSpace menu...
Hi André,

Was analysing the if statement and it actually doesn't make much sense in my situation, I got to that conclusion, yet it works with a true instead of a false. The statemente is exactly the same as in the video, quote "Length(Issue.Issue.Description) > 100 and not ShowFullDescription", so having a the local variable as true in this case shouldn't work but it does :/ I don't get it...
Hi John-Paul,

Thank you for your feedback!
I guess that probably you have inverted the condition in the UI If that shows the full description or just a part of it... can you double check?
First off, thanks for the great collection of tutorial videos that have helped me alot. I'd like to point out something in this lesson, at min 0,55 you indicate that we should add a default value to the local variable "ShowFullDescription" of False. The thing is for me it had the opposite effect that was desired, all of the issues above 100 characters would be open instead of closed. So I tried using True, It worked, not sure if this happened in my case alone. Just leaving this incase anyone else gets stuck ;)

My best regards