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Introduction to the Web, Client-Server paradigm, and Web Applications
Set up your OutSystems Platform and create static and dynamic Web pages.
Create a small Web application with a database, some logic, and template presentation.
Work with the database model, relationships, and queries.
Bind variables to some of the most used inputs step by step.
Make both client-side and server-side validations of form inputs.
Encapsulate application logic in methods and execute them, including in loops.
Encapsulate page content, reuse it on more pages, and modify it with impact on all usages.
Use the Grid and Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) to work the look and feel of the application.
Use built-in Ajax capabilities to refresh only some content of the page.
Take advantage of OutSystems Widgets for adding useful UI patterns to the application.
Add user authentication, restrict access to some pages, and restrict the execution of some operations.
Boost your applications by applying simple usability principles.

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