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Online Registration App Built with OutSystems Boosts Mercy Ships Volunteer Applicants by 20 Percent

When we set out to overhaul our volunteer application process, we knew we had unique requirements, which would likely mean we’d have to custom build our online registration app. We wanted to make our HR department more efficient, but also wanted to make the application process easier and, hopefully, more accurate. We ran into numerous hurdles because our application process isn’t a one-size-fits-all.

OutSystems Online Training 2.0 – More Options, More Expertise!

In the two years since we launched our free online training page, we’ve been paying attention to feedback from our developers and community members. So we’ve been working behind the scenes to enhance the online training experience and make it even easier to learn OutSystems Platform.

Here’s what’s new… (more…)


Making Sense of the Mobile Development Tools Landscape

The demand for enterprise mobility continues to grow with no signs of slowing down. Every customer-centric company has projects underway to transform the digital experience and delight users. Because every customer has a mobile device in their pocket, there has never been a better time to concentrate IT efforts on creating apps with mobile context and value. (more…)


Beware the Second Wave of Vendor Lock-In Fueled by’s Vertical Strategy

When announced its new industries strategy, analysts predicted it would be the catalyst for a “second wave of SaaS adoption.” But as the SaaS provider rolls out verticalized offerings built on the Salesforce1 Platform, it will also become the second wave of vendor lock-in.

Can a Custom Mobile App Transform How Your Company Does Business?

Based on our experience helping companies deliver amazing apps, we have identified nine apps that are crucial to helping companies quickly make the move to mobile. The right mobile app really does have the power to transform your business - and you’d be surprised how fast you can get one custom-built to fit your existing IT. Check out our new infographic.

OutSystems Platform 9 Amsterdam: RAD is Here to Stay

Let’s make no mistake, we believe that RAD is the future of app delivery. OutSystems has been focused on making an application platform that has what it takes to fit a wide range of use cases, from the single developer creating a few apps, to a complicated enterprise IT organization. We do this because we believe in the future of RAD and are frustrated by other market offerings that give the true capabilities of this approach a bad name or implied limited scope.

Ovum Decision Matrix: MADP – Why You Should Care

A significant new piece of research on mobile app development platforms was just released, giving guidance to organizations trying to get a handle on their approach to mobility. The Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Mobile App Development Platform Solution highlights what companies should be looking for in a MADP solution. Given the amount of time, energy, money, anxiety, and attention that is being aimed at enterprise mobility right now, this report is quite timely.

Visual Programming Is Unbelievable… Here’s Why We Don’t Believe In It

Visual programming has been an unfulfilled prophecy for years. As so many other areas, like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, or speech recognition, when the hype was high, the underlying technology wasn’t there yet. But that was not its only problem… In this blog post, Tiago Simões explores the evolution of visual development languages and the psychology around why the market has been slow to adopt this approach.

The 5 application development myths you need to ditch in 2015

As the market evolves and old trends vanish into thin air, a new set of myths pops up and percolates throughout organizations big and small. In this post, we look into five often-seen application development myths that you should leave behind this year to be truly successful.

Change Management Simplified – Grant Me Your User Feedback!

OutSystems has streamlined and extended its App Feedback feature. The ability to properly and directly capture context and user feedback is available across all devices - with specific goodies for mobile - along with a beautiful new developer interface! This blog post provides screen shots and a short video explaining the new functionality. We hope you enjoy this update and that you use it to great effect further crushing cycle time.