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OutSystems Rock Stars: The MVP Program

Developers and others who are passionate about OutSystems Platform—and infuse this passion in all they do—matter to us. To show our appreciation, on May 2, 2016, at the Developers Morning event in Lisbon, an awesome group of people became OutSystems MVPs.

We could list a few of them here, but that wouldn’t be fair to the others because they’re all so amazing. You can get to know them on their very own MVP web page. (more…)


Digital Tipping Point – Why You Should Care About the Latest News from Forrester, Gartner, and SIIA (CODiE Awards)


We’ve reached a digital tipping point.

Last week, the 2016 CODiE Awards were announced. Of course we’re thrilled to win the Best Mobile Development Solution award, because it recognizes the craftsmanship of our hundreds of engineers as well as the innovative customers who have inspired us. Who doesn’t like a nice trophy?

But there’s something much bigger brewing. The CODiEs, the latest Forrester Wave on low-code development platforms, and the upcoming Gartner research on mobile development platforms are all pointing to one big thing.   (more…)


Heroes or Villains? How IT Sees Citizen Developers

With more companies engaging non-IT staff to develop apps, we commissioned TechValidate, a third-party research organization, to investigate this important growing trend. The results are in and are available now. (more…)


OutSystems Community Gets a Makeover

We all know developers are the lifeblood of a software platform. This year OutSystems has made it a top priority to support our developers by providing more tools and resources to help them learn and become experts in our platform. Today, we are pleased to announce the first step in that direction – a new and improved home for our growing worldwide community. We have created a brand new community homepage, and we improved our developer forums by adding requested features to make life better for everyone using them. (more…)

Mike Cahoon and CP Kelco Take Top Honors at 2016 Midmarket CIO Forum Awards

midmarket-cioIt seems like just a few months ago, but it was last year at the 2015 Midmarket CIO Forum when Mike Cahoon, VP and CIO at CP Kelco, first learned about OutSystems. Now, a year later at the award segment of the 2016 Midmarket CIO Forum, Mike was honored with the Award of Excellence in the Office category for his partnership with OutSystems. While not all OutSystems Platform customers are recognized in this way, each company that uses our Platform can empower itself to digitally transform its business. (more…)

Forrester Low-code Platforms

Analysts Rate the Best 14 Rapid App Dev Platforms (Low-Code Development)

For the past few years, visionary developers, enterprise architects, and CIOs have started a quiet revolution. They have discovered the secret to operating at two speeds between conservative legacy systems and innovative systems that support digital business.

When Marc Andreessen said “Software is eating the world,” it was before the mobile IT revolution. Yet this remains true, every business today must rapidly innovate to reflect the way they engage with customer journeys – delivering new apps quickly! (more…)

Gartner Report

In Only Two Years, OutSystems Is the Highest Among Visionaries in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

When I talk about OutSystems, the term “visionary” invariably comes up. The idea of a rapid application development platform was visionary in 2001 when we started OutSystems, just as our decision to offer it as an application platform as a service (aPaaS) was three years ago.

So of course we are ecstatic that Gartner has again recognized our vision. What’s more, we have moved from Niche Player to Visionary in their recently released Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Application Platform as a Service, Worldwide, 2016. This news also comes right on the heels of The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Public Cloud Platforms, 2015 report that also ranks OutSystems as a leader. To me, this means we’re conquering a nice share of the market. (more…)


UX for Enterprise: Why You Should Play Devil’s Advocate when Business and User Needs Clash

As custom applications become more common and more critical to businesses, there’s a tendency to think in grander terms than what the business and the end-user really needs. People may look at what’s available in the app store and get sidetracked from what the company and its employees require to achieve their goals. (more…)


Empowering the Citizen Developer with Self-Service IT

This article originally appeared on the Intellyx BrainBlog, Feb. 9, 2016

Enterprises across all industries are in the midst of difficult, bet-the-company changes we call digital transformation. And yet, there remains broad confusion about the scope of the word digital.

While the rise of mobile technologies are the impetus for many such transformations, digital goes well beyond the choice of user device. In fact, digital transformation reflects the fact that customer preferences and behavior are driving enterprise technology decisions – and such technology decisions impact the entire organization, from innovative, customer-focused efforts all the way to the traditional IT organization. (more…)


The Job Market for OutSystems Developers Heats Up

(Justin has been an OutSystems Developer for multiple companies including FICO, Conigent and Wodify.)

bcard-outsystems-jobsWhen I first encountered OutSystems Platform in 2009 it was because I was writing for TechRepublic. A few months after my initial review, I had a personal project, and I thought that I would give OutSystems Platform a chance, because I liked so much of what I saw. I had no idea that this personal project would lead me down the path of becoming an independent consultant; becoming the lead developer on one of the biggest, most heavily-used OutSystems projects in the world; and then to my current role, enabling dozens of developers at a large company to deliver outstanding work to clients worldwide. (more…)