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Six Guiding Principles

Recently, I had the honor of delivering the graduation speech for the graduates of The Lisbon MBA program. I consider these ceremonies important celebratory life events so I wanted to come up with something that was truthful, inspiring, and grounded on facts. (more…)


From Hardcore Coding to Dragging Circles – A Scary but Fruitful Journey

As a software developer, you’re probably the kind of person that loves a mental challenge. You live for the feeling of coming up with that elegant algorithm, describing it to someone, and then smiling as they go silent for a while and then say admiringly “wow yeah, that can work.” You probably also enjoy that exhilarating feeling you get after a painstaking two-hour debug session, where you patiently gathered piece after piece of obscure information, looking for patterns, and finally everything clicks. Or even better, the feeling of power you get when you fix the issue with one line of code – the right line of code. It’s awesome! (more…)


Enterprise Solutions with RAD – Connecting the business

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse on December 15, 2015.

diogohThe world is changing at a fast pace and generating more information than ever before, so we want our clients to keep up, in order to take the lead and overcome the challenges that present to our organizations everyday. (more…)


Tweet Jam Featuring Forrester: Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) Platforms – Myths versus Reality



Michael Facemire, Principal Analyst serving Application Development and Delivery Professionals, joined us for a Tweet Jam in December.

This Tweet Jam explored the myths and realities of a RAD platform in today’s digital world. Participants in the chat interacted directly with Michael regarding past or current research, industry trends, and best practices. (more…)


The Ultimate Guide to Understanding OutSystems

Do you want to really understand the “why and how” of OutSystems Platform to determine if it is right for your organization? Today, that discovery process became a little bit easier with the launch of our new OutSystems Platform Evaluation Guide. (more…)


The pride in beautiful craftsmanship

book-re-toolI have always been in awe of the Japanese. This stems from an admiration of their aesthetics – reflected in their objects, their pottery, food, gardens – and the amazing quality of their manufactured goods.

But what I admire most is their relentless pursuit of perfection. This is illustrated, go figure, in a quote from Tom Cruise’s movie, The Last Samurai:

…from the moment they wake they devote themselves to the perfection of whatever they pursue…(more…)

Rapid Application Delivery Platforms

How to Evaluate a Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) Platform

Every customer is unique. After helping many customers execute successful software projects, one thing is clear - they all follow a plan. The best organizations gather the information they need internally about their resources and abilities, along with the expectations of project delivery for the near- and long-term goals. They’ll also go on a thorough fact-finding mission to gather all relevant information about low-code platform vendors to ensure their chosen platform fully supports the systems and needs of the organization.

Taking OutSystems Knowledge to the next level

Today we are proud to launch the first installment of a new way our customers and partners can get faster and better help from OutSystems.

As part of our continued growth, OutSystems has prioritized delivering better ways to help our customers and partners be successful. Our new Public support knowledge base is a central part of this strategy and further expands our world-class enterprise support and friendly Community to make sure no question goes unanswered. (more…)


From Channel9: Speed of RAD Meets the Simplicity of Azure

If you like the benefits of simplicity and scalability you get with Microsoft Azure, you'll love the speed you can get with OutSystems Platform, an advanced, complete Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) platform that's now available on Azure.

Unleash the power of SAP with Rapid Application Development

A lot of companies are struggling with the question how to unlock the vast resources of their SAP installation for mobile development. Should we wait for the technologies SAP promises in its roadmaps or are there alternatives?