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LED Ceiling

How to Fill a Gaping Hole with 2,304 LEDs

I woke that morning feeling like I do every morning, groggy and desperate for coffee. I descended the staircase from my bedroom to escape the unforgiving morning light. To my bewilderment, a second barrage of relentless sunbeams hit me in the face. My living room ceiling had caved in. (more…)


I Was Wrong About Offline

In the last few years, we (the engineers for a visual programming platform for creating enterprise apps) started receiving requests for our platform to enable the development of mobile apps that work offline.

I believed it was a fad and tried to convince everyone around me of that. Luckily, smarter people questioned my beliefs and led our product in the right direction. (more…)


Americares Builds Mobile App to Deliver Aid to Disaster Areas

Did you know that Hurricane Matthew left more than a million people in Haiti in need of aid after the storm’s devastating destruction? Fortunately, Americares is there to help. When disasters like Hurricane Matthew strike, Americares sends in emergency response teams to work with local partners. These partners are best placed to distribute the medicine and other supplies to the people who need them most.


Meet OutSystems 10: Where Low-Code Speed and Advanced Mobile App Development Converge

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of OutSystems 10 — a breakthrough release for our business and the industry. It’s the first low-code application development platform with advanced capabilities for enterprise mobile applications. In fact, with OutSystems 10, any developer can now build the types of secure, scalable apps that in the past only highly skilled software engineers were capable of creating. In other words, with this new release, we’re making digital transformation a whole lot easier.
mobile-app-dev-with-outsystems-10-product (more…)

mobile app dev on cloud

Our Silver Lining: Building Mobile Apps Using Amazon Web Services

Eventually the day will come when you’ll have to deliver some sort of mobile application. On that day (and during the months that follow) you could end up swearing a lot while you deal with whole new IDEs, APIs, programming languages, known issues and a myriad of other annoying things related to mobile development. Or, you could relax and enjoy a ride on Amazon Web Services. We think that's a better option. At OutSystems, we aim to make life simpler to our customers. So we set out on a journey to make building mobile applications easy for everyone.

The Alchemy of IoT

And everything you ever need to know about the Internet of Things

OutSystems IoT Header

The practice of alchemy has captured the imagination of people for thousands of years. Even though most of its practitioners were interested in the transformation of lead into gold, the real transformation at the foundation of alchemy was a spiritual one.

The transformation IoT promises is one that makes technology seamless and transparent to the point of becoming almost invisible. This is, for me, the alchemy of our days.

How can you capture this somewhat elusive spirit of transformation, creation and combination when you’re talking about the Internet of Things? What is the transmutation that we can aspire to, what is the lead we’re starting with and what is the gold that we’re trying to achieve?

We need to start by understanding what the Internet of Things is. Because everyone knows what the internet is, let’s start by understanding what these Things are, then.



The Top 5 Ways We’re Transforming Enterprise Mobility with OutSystems


Every business has a vision. But, executing on that vision can be challenging, especially when digital transformation is involved. That’s where Green Lemon Company comes in. We provide guidance and breakthrough technology that help our clients resolve the roadblocks and bottlenecks that hinder their progress.

OutSystems is focused on meeting the challenges of digital transformation, mobility, and faster delivery cycles with a low-code application development platform. OutSystems is a natural fit as a Green Lemon partner.

Together, we help maxed out IT departments increase their velocity while meeting the ever-growing demand they face for enterprise mobile applications. So, here are five ways we do this. (more…)

Clock Blog Series

The Time Has Come for Low-Code Platforms

This is the first installment of our Leading with Low-Code Blog Series.

The notion thatThe Time Has Come for Low-Code Platforms a suitably sophisticated platform might ease the custom coding work of software developers has been around for many years.

Fourth-generation languages (4GLs) like PowerBuilder and Delphi touted such ease of development, opening up enterprise software creation to less seasoned application creators while simplifying and accelerating the work of their more experienced colleagues. (more…)


Designers vs. Developers: 5 Tips to Give Peace a Chance

UX Design

Last May, OutSystems announced a Revolution. Right before we kicked off NextStep 2016 in Lisbon, where that presentation took place, we had an event called Developers Morning at the OutSystems offices.

During that event, we had a couple of AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, where developers asked many questions about Silk UI, our front-end framework for creating beautiful designs with the least possible effort, and how they could enable designers to use it to its full potential. (more…)

haelthtech speed

How Pacific Cross Delivered Its Mobile App in 30 Days

Based in Hong Kong, Pacific Cross provides health insurance and health care services across Asia. The company has been growing for more than 25 years, and today it offers worldwide coverage for medical, life, dental, personal accident, and travel insurance, among other areas.haelthtech quote

But serving Asian customers isn’t always easy. That’s because they tend to be very tech savvy and to have exceedingly high expectations. So when Pacific Cross was in danger of losing its biggest client to a competitor with a mobile solution that Pacific Cross didn’t offer – it had to act fast. In fact, unless the company could build its own mobile application in just 30 days, the client planned to take its business elsewhere. (more…)