cal 7 weeks
dev 2 developers
to create the new system
pie 100% built
on-time and on-budget

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TNT develops and deploys global workflow and supply chain management system in seven weeks with the OutSystems  Platform


The Challenge:

TNT Express is the European leader in global express and courier services for the corporate market, with the largest land and air infrastructure for the provisioning of door-to-door services in Europe. TNT carries 4.4 million packages with documents and cargo to more than two hundred countries every week. The company needed to implement a system that would allow them to scale and adapt faster to customers’ needs in order to increase account retention and development. Some of the key challenges that needed to be addressed were:

  • Lack of knowledge sharing across Contract Managers reduced customer support efficiency: At TNT Express, large customers are assigned dedicated Contract Managers, and these are focused on solving the problems of those particular customers. As a result, Contract Managers don’t always know what their colleagues are working on.  Some solutions might be used for single customers when they could have worked for other customers faced with similar problems, regardless of the customer’s industry..
  • Lack of visibility of the value of each solution, and lack of control over individual activities: The management team had little insight on how much value each solution provided by TNT was bringing to the customer. In addition they did not know what tasks each Contract Manager was performing for each customer. This lack of visibility and structure didn’t allow the Contract Managers to easily join efforts and provide better solutions to the end-customers. Contract Managers ended up being general problem solvers. In some cases they were working on activities that were outside their scope or working on things that others were also working on. This resulted in an inefficient resource allocation due to a lack of workload and priority management.

In order to keep its leadership position, TNT Express needed this system to be ready and implemented as soon as possible. The new system would have to promote synergies between Contract Managers and leverage their knowledge, experience and solutions. It would also provide relevant data to the management team in order to assist them in making the best operational decisions in terms of resource allocation, workload and priority. The system would allow TNT Express to increase their efficiency and provide a higher quality of service to a larger customer base.


The Solution:

TNT Express decided to develop GARD, a new system within the Global Account Management department. After seven (7) weeks, TNT Express had the complete solution they wanted, on time and within the budget defined for the project. Its main features are:

  • Workload Management for the Contract Managers allows for a better and more effective allocation of individuals to activities;
  • Priority Management through the system allows management to better oversee each Contract Manager’s workload, and be able to make informed changes to what each Contract Manager should address at a particular point in time;
  • Customer Relationship and Knowledge Management module allows a more proactive response to customers’ needs. Contract Managers can search through and identify previous solutions to similar problems so they can be reused. Sharing knowledge and best practices from the entire workforce provides a better service to each customer’s problems, while increasing internal efficiency;
  • Supply Chain Management module to support the Logistics Management challenges that the business faces on a day-to-day basis. Includes planning, implementation and control for the efficient flow of goods to meet customer & legal requirements;
  • Reports and Monitoring capabilities allow the management team to quickly assess and make informed decisions regarding the status of each activity and the status of the logistics workflow activities;
  • Worldwide communication tools allow for the Contract Managers to remotely communicate with one another and forge better solutions to address specific customer problems through the online GARD system.



  • Rapid system buy-in and adoption by key-users and stakeholders. The Agile methodology employed by COOLProfs, and enabled by OutSystems Platform, allowed the system’s key stakeholders (the Contract Managers at TNT Global Account Management) to fully participate in the development of the system. This ensured the early adoption of the system by end users. It also allowed for fast incorporation of user feedback to create the exact solution that users need, bringing direct value to the business.
  • Fully custom-tailored solution delivered on time (7 weeks) and within budget. The short time to market and the Agile methodology employed during the development of GARD allowed TNT to begin reaping the benefits of their investment in less than 2 months – much sooner than if the project had been done using other alternatives, and with several critical features that would have been unavailable in existing commercial packages. It is expected that GARD will play a key role in securing TNT’s Global Accounts revenue, which accounts for around 20% of the total TNT Express revenue.
  • Intelligent resource allocation, workload and priority review. GARD provides a structured working environment that streamlines and enhances business retention and the development of TNT’s portfolio of global customers. The system ensures better control over the whole processes of Contract Managers. It assigns them more efficiently to projects and it allows TNT to respond more proactively to the needs of customers by reusing solutions and sharing knowledge and best practices.
  • Global centralization brings control and structure to requests for support. GARD assists Global Account Managers to solve requests for support in the logistics operations of TNT Express. The system helps to determine best practices and business cases and thereby speeds up the process of solving logistics issues.
  • Global knowledge base of best practices for support provisioning. GARD allows Contract Managers to pool their extensive knowledge and experience to support the key business processes and facilitate account retention and development. GARD ensures that the global resource pool of Contract Managers (approx. 20 people and growing) shares best practices and focuses its efforts on the most important issues.


About TNT Express:

TNT is a world-leading provider of express delivery services, and consists of two divisions, TNT Post and TNT Express.  TNT Express is the European leader in global express and courier services for the business market, having the largest land and air infrastructure for the provision of door-to-door services in Europe and carrying 4.4 million packages with documents and cargo to more than two hundred countries, every week.

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  • 7 weeks to develop and deliver a fully custom-tailored solution;
  • Project predictability enabled the solution to be delivered on-time and within budget;
  • Worldwide accessibility of the system to the entire workforce;
  • Rapid system buy-in and adoption by the business;
  • Intelligent resource allocation, workload and priority review;
  • Global centralization bringing control and structure to workforce processes;
  • Creation of a global knowledge base containing best practices for customer solutions;
  • Knowledge management system enabling a structured problem solving approach to customer requests;
  • Worldwide accessibility of up-to-date customer information and workforce communication tools;


Project Card

Implemented by:




7 weeks

User Profiles:

Global Account Managers, Contract Managers


Workload Management; Prioritization; Knowledge Management; Supply Chain and Logistics Management; Reports; Monitoring; Worldwide Accessibility;


Evaluation Criteria

Top Criteria:

  • Technological flexibility of OutSystems Platform to create and implement features that the key users required as they refined the scope of the system
  • The OutSystems’ Agile approach, allowing for:
    • Reduced Time to Market while keeping high standards of quality and reliability
    • High predictability and control of the project timeline and budget
    • Enhanced stakeholder participation and buy-in thanks to the quick feedback cycles that allowed them to see and actually use the features they requested in 2 week cycles


Other Alternatives:

  • TNT internal development, using Microsoft .Net technologies
  • Commercial Packages, even though they were quickly disregarded as they could not easily provide or live up to TNT’s requirements


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