OutSystems Now brings your OutSystems experience to any device, providing a fast way to access all your applications, including CRM, Customer Portal, or any other custom app built with the OutSystems Platform.
Google Maps is a Google Maps Javascript V3 API component, providing Web Blocks and Actions to add interactive maps, markers and directions, along with event driven functionality.
The Car Accident Reporting sample app is a great example of customer service apps that provide customer care when it is needed the most. This easy-to-use mobile application provides a fast and simple way for drivers to easily report an accident using their mobile device.
Telecom Services sample app empowers field technicians with a mobile device so they can complete the service efficiently (ideally) on the first customer visit, thus improving overall productivity by reducing the number of visits required to complete a task which cuts down costs and increases the number of visits per day.
Perform operations related to the file system, such as path string manipulation, creation and deletion of directories, reading and writing text/binary files, etc..
Provides core services for the Intranet applications.
This component provides services for barcode encoding and decoding in different formats: CODE 39, CODE 128, QR, EAN13, EAN8 throughZXing library (
Provides core services for the OutSystems sample CRM applications.
Simple to use html to pdf/image converter, it uses the webkit rendering engine, and qt.
Collect and store the handsignature of your users in the application! Works in all devices!
A collection of reusable actions to help us stop reinventing the wheel.  Join the team and bring your own top reused actions to the community!
This extension is a generic record list sorter. It sorts any record list in ascending or descending order by any of its attributes (string, integer, decimal, etc). It can also return a distinct list by comparing any of its attributes. 
Generic extension for serializing and deserializing Outsystems values into and out of JSON
An extension that allows you to convert an hierarchical structure, composed of Records and/or RecordLists to XML. It also allows to read an XML into the structure
Provides core services for the OutSystems Connectors Applications.
Provides core services to manipulate graphs.
Advanced Excel interation with the export / import of excel files. Enables data formating, even a automatic creation excel charts.  This enables writing of binary multi-sheet excel-files without the use of an office installation.
Wrapper for the Google Maps Static API. Use this component to add a static image showing the location of one or more addresses in a map. Configure several aspects of this image like showing a satellite image or a roadmap view, tune the zoom factor or customize the address marker.
jQuery File Upload widget with multiple file selection, dragdrop support, and progress bars, based on jQuery File Upload. Supports chunked and resumable file uploads.
Business Activity Monitoring includes a number of process and human activity reports such as group and user load, process instance and activity inspection, SLA status, and load trends.