OutSystems Now brings your OutSystems experience to any device, providing a fast way to access all your applications, including CRM, Customer Portal, or any other custom app built with the OutSystems Platform.
A fully-responsive Silk UI Theme with a prominent left menu and a gorgeous look&feel. Dublin can present more data, mostly aimed at frequent users, and can also support larger navigation. Learn more on Silk UI Website and do review the Sample App.
A fully responsive and beautiful UI framework that works within the OutSystems Platform. Build amazing looking applications, in a fraction of the time, which work perfectly across devices.  Learn how to start using Silk UI and see the examples at Obtain assistance on using Silk UI here.
Google Maps is a Google Maps Javascript V3 API component, providing Web Blocks and Actions to add interactive maps, markers and directions, along with event driven functionality.
Sample Pages make full use off patterns to provide pre-built page contents, which can easily be used in any screen of your application. From login pages to dashboards, just pick the one that fits your needs. Learn more on Silk UI Website.
Silk UI fully-responsive Theme with a similar layout to the London theme, it is ready to make full use of the framework features. Learn more on Silk UI Website.
Perform operations related to the file system, such as path string manipulation, creation and deletion of directories, reading and writing text/binary files, etc..
Shared component that implements core Employee data model and logic services. Reused across several end-user applications like Cases and Directory.
Generic extension for serializing and deserializing Outsystems values into and out of JSON
Manage the floor plans in your company. Classify spaces (office, meeting room, server room, storage, open office), classify occupation types (manager, developer, sales man, ...)
Simple to use html to pdf/image converter, it uses the webkit rendering engine, and qt.
The Oflline component allows you to add offline capabilities to your OutSystems application. Check out at how you can use it. 
Silk UI Theme optimized for touch and mobile devices. All responsive patterns can be used, but the mobile patterns are a perfect fit. Learn more on Silk UI Website and do review the Mobile Sample App.
This extension is a generic record list sorter. It sorts any record list in ascending or descending order by any of its attributes (string, integer, decimal, etc). It can also return a distinct list by comparing any of its attributes. 
Provides core services for the OutSystems sample CRM applications.
An extension that allows you to convert an hierarchical structure, composed of Records and/or RecordLists to XML. It also allows to read an XML into the structure
The Car Accident Reporting sample app is a great example of customer service apps that provide customer care when it is needed the most. This easy-to-use mobile application provides a fast and simple way for drivers to easily report an accident using their mobile device.
View and manage application users, permissions, and groups.
Functional fully-responsive application built with the Dublin theme and Silk UI patterns. Learn, by example, how to best build using Silk UI Framework.
The Directory sample app is a full-featured responsive application that allows you to centralize your employee contact details and make it available to the whole organization. It works across all devices providing your employees a great user experience. The best part is that this app is fully customizable to your specific needs.