OutSystems Platform can log the requests made to a specific SOAP web service; these logs are available in Service Center, in the Consumed Web Service Log screen.

To set the logs simply indicate the value Yes in the Log requests property of the consumed SOAP Web Service.

How to Display the Consumed SOAP Web Services Log:

  1. Login in to Service Center.

  1. Select the Monitoring tab and then option Consumed Web Services.

  1. Select your eSpace, use the filters to narrow the list of results and press button Filter.

  1. Service Center retrieves all the log entries that comply with the selected filters. Each entry corresponds to one invocation of a Web Service method. It includes the Time of Log, the URL used to invoke the action, the executed action, how long its execution took, the eSpace that requested the log and other runtime information.

To know the exact moment when the web service was invoked do Time of Log - Duration

You can only view the log information of eSpaces to which you have permissions: