Worcestershire County Council and OutSystems
have launched ‘Accelerated Digital Transformation’
for the Public Sector

The UK government’s ‘digital by default’ strategy strongly advocates digital self-service and streamlined automation of end-to-end business processes. By shifting services to this digital delivery model the public sector is estimated to save £1.7 billion per year.

To equip local government  with the jump-start they need to achieve digital transformation, Worcestershire County Council has pledged to make its applications available as open-source for re-use by any local government organisation via the OutSystems Forge -  enabling others to immediately achieve the dramatic improvements in efficiency, agility and cost-effectiveness that the council is already realising. Both organisations will also be working in partnership to host discussion groups throughout the year at selected events. 

Read case study for more details.

How are Worcestershire County Council accelerating their digital transformation?


A few of the local councils accelerating their digital transformation with OutSystems.

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Want to accelerate your digital transformation?

Check out the open-source modules available now and get started today: 

  1.  The 'Adult Learning Courses' application is a course booking application that enables citizens to quickly search, book and make payment for categorised courses (free and paid for) online via any device.
  2.  The ‘Copy Certificate’ application enables citizens to request a Birth Certificate, a Marriage Certificate, a Civil Partnership Certificate or a Death Certificate.

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Neill Crump

OutSystems delivers the best technology. The company is highly innovative and is enabling us to really leap forward in our channel shift and service transformation plans.


Neill Crump
Leader, Digital Center of Innovation at Worcestershire County Council

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Accelerated Digital Transformation

Missed 'Accelerated Digital Transformation' ?

With £1.6 million in savings already achieved in 1 year with a small team of 6, the council has built 53 applications, many of which will be rolled out as open­-source for re­use by all local councils.

Download Neill’s presentation here and learn how Worcestershire County Council aims to deliver 100% of its services online, bringing a series of portals, apps, workflows and processes completely online and accessible to all by 2017. 

Download Neill's presentation

Share Digital

Missed 'Share Digital' ?

With a focus on digital transformation and peer-to-peer interaction, at Share Digital you can learn about the innovation of others, share your story, plus network with your peers and innovative technology companies who are working with organisations like yours to help them achieve digital transformation.

Download Neill’s ‘Accelerating Digital Transformation with Local Government as a Platform’ presentation here!

Download Neill's presentation

Peter Bishop

The decision to partner with OutSystems is a key transformational part of the Council’s goal of putting technology at the heart of our operating model. The partnership with OutSystems forms a key foundation to drive value for the residents of Worcestershire by delivering better end-to-end, lower-cost service.


Dr. Peter Bishop
Strategic Commissioner - Service Transformation at Worcestershire County Council

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