Low-Code: The Fast Track to Modernization

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State and local governments are focusing significant resources on modernizing legacy systems. Their citizens and employees are demanding innovative services, but the use of legacy IT can greatly impede innovation, making it difficult to meet expectations, while creating risks and draining resources. Contrastly, modernization spurs engagement and innovation, strengthens security and allows agencies to utilize resources more effectively.

Download this report, based on research conducted by the Center for Digital Government, to learn how state and local governments are addressing the need to modernize legacy systems. While many recognize that agile project management is the answer, some are lagging behind in their adoption of agile methodologies. But savvy government IT departments are turning to low-code to support agile culture and digital transformation. Agile and low-code application development approaches entail a completely different and more efficient way to build software and structure teams. This report explains why and outlines how government organizations can start using low-code on their path to system modernization.