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The way that government services are delivered is changing. With the aim of driving better services, delivering billions in annual savings, and transforming the relationship between government and individuals, governments worldwide are turning to technology to drive these benefits. 

OutSystems Platform accelerates the delivery of digital government services - helping governments across the world to improve efficiency and citizen engagement through Rapid Application Delivery (RAD).

Top 6 Challenges of Smart Government Services

Top Six Challenges of Smart Government Services

This white paper identifies the top six challenges of digital government services and provides guidance on strategies to overcome them.

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Dubai Courts Video

RAD Enabling Dubai Courts with Smart Mobile Services

Dubai Courts shares a great success story of how RAD allowed this governmental entity to achieve their objective of becoming a Smart Services organization.

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"One of the advantages of the Platform is you can develop once and deploy on a desktop. You can deploy it as an e-service. Or you can deploy it as a smart service. You don’t have to rebuild every time, you develop only once."

Abdulrahim Ahmad Almudhareb,
IT Director,
Dubai Courts

“Dubai Courts get smart,” .Gov Magazine


Smart Apps. Smart Governments.

OutSystems provides an industry-leading rapid application delivery platform, enabling governments to deliver better online services more efficiently than ever before, and for less. OutSystems Platform reduces the time and cost of application delivery. Our single platform provides governments with the tools to create, deploy and manage user-friendly responsive mobile and web applications fast.

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More than 600 enterprises and governments say Yes to OutSystems Platform.

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See for yourself how OutSystems Platform simplifies every aspect of building and managing world-class smart government apps.
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Get Ahead of Digital Services

Develop once for all devices
OutSystems Platform enables your developers to create engaging and responsive mobile and web apps across multiple devices six times faster than with other methods and tools. We leverage responsive design and hybrid architectures so you can develop applications that work seamlessly across all devices without extra effort.
Integrate existing systems easily
Don’t let systems integration stand as a barrier to successful channel shift. There are really no limits to what you can integrate with. OutSystems Platform makes it extremely easy to integrate external enterprise systems, databases or custom apps using a rich library of reusable connectors.
Deliver rapidly with effortless change
OutSystems Platform is designed to ensure fast and secure change during the whole lifecycle of your applications. No matter how much you update and modify your applications, the Platform acts as a co-pilot and gatekeeper to guarantee zero-error deployment.

Why a Platform?

With the increased demand for mobile applications, businesses and governments are learning the initial cost and effort of building an app is just the tip of the iceberg. Having the right development platform can reduce complexity and accelerate the app-building process effectively at scale.

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Top five reasons why a platform can help:

  Lower total cost of ownership
  Improve speed of application delivery
  Leverage existing skillsets
  Make integration easy
  Enable continuous iteration and full application lifecycle management

How OutSystems Platform Works

 Develop Visually

Model all aspects of your applications visually, without any low-level coding

 Deploy Automatically

Automatically deploy and stage your applications confidently with 1-click

 Change Continuously

Change any aspect of your apps quickly and easily, redeploy in minutes

 Manage Centrally

Manage performance and usage of all your apps from a centralized console

Why OutSystems

Trusted by Global Companies

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Recognized by Analysts

Customer Logos

OutSystems provides the enterprise Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) platform that makes it easy to develop apps once and deliver seamlessly across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Web - deeply integrated with existing cloud and on-premises databases and systems of record.

A leader in enterprise RAD recognized by industry analysts
More than 600 enterprise customers across 22 industries
Agile, iterative, continuous, open and no vendor lock-in
Proven track record in the public sector

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