Predicts 2019: Healthcare Providers Must Embrace Digital Transformation

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In this report, Gartner predictions tap into the future ability to democratize and exploit data as the healthcare industry continues on the path of digital transformation. The report focuses on the following key areas:

  • Developing the right data governance policies and processes.
  • Tackling the issue of how to advance AI and introduce its use safely.
  • Monitoring the new wave of personal health records and consumer empowerment tools, and preparing to use them.
  • Planning for medical and operations monitoring with intelligent control centers and “flashboarding.”
  • Focusing on how technology innovation can eliminate toil, help healthcare workers practice at the top of their licenses and redesign delivery around team care.

Download this report to learn how to accelerate time from insight to action, improve patient care, driving efficiencies and eliminating waste.


Gartner Predicts 2019: Healthcare Providers Must Embrace Digital Transformation, Laura Craft, Barry Runyon, Jeff Cribbs, Susan Hull, Mark E. Gilbert, Gregg Pessin, John-David Lovelock, 10 December 2018