Gartner Report:
Top 10 Trends in PaaS and Platform Innovation, 2020

How to meet the demands of business innovation with platform technologies

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Today’s technology and business environment is one of continuous and increasing change. In order to keep up, organizations need to use new skills, processes, and most importantly, new technologies. 

For application leaders, this means adopting technologies that can support scale, agility, and diversity across the business-IT continuum. After years of iteration, cloud-based platforms have become mainstream and even mission-critical. 

So, what should application and IT leaders consider when evaluating these cloud-based technologies in today’s digital world? Gartner has these recommendations: 

  • Select platform technologies that remove the silos between business and IT, and allow for continuous delivery and innovation.
  • Experiment with new and emerging technologies, such as AI/ML and automation.
  • Choose a modern application platform that enables application building blocks and integration with third-party solutions.

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