OutSystems Platform: A Cross-Ecosystem Model- Driven Application Platform and PaaS


Authored by Al Hilwa, Program Director for IDC's Application Development Software Research

This IDC Vendor Profile analyzes the key success factors of OutSystems, including its market potential, technology/solution, corporate strategy, competitive edge, and customers - providing essential guidance for technology adopters.

Because OutSystems allows developers to incorporate existing code within their models, “it can be seen as more strategically safe than many alternatives on the market.”

With support for Java and C# on the back end and JavaScript and HTML5 on the front end, OutSystems is useful for Web development and enterprise mobile application development.

IDC Paper


Download this report and read the IDC take on:

  • Model-driven application platforms

  • The need for public cloud and on-premises deployment

  • The importance of DevOps support

  • Incorporating existing code

  • Why platforms must support web and mobile



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