Build web and mobile insurance applications 7x faster.

Eduardo Romano

We rely on OutSystems Platform for all custom application development, especially for systems of engagement and mobile applications.


Eduardo Romano, 

Digitize at the speed of business.

Your customers live in a digital world and expect your business to be up to speed. Convenience, simplicity, transparency and speed are critical.

Customers want their own apps and portals to do research, buy policies, submit and check on claims, and more. Your representatives and agents also want those same capabilities - all available digitally on their favorite devices.

How can you rapidly deliver a superior experience, across all platforms and devices, without investing in new resources or replacing your current systems?

OutSystems has you covered.


  • You need to develop enterprise-class apps and portals quickly
  • You need to create apps for all devices
  • You need to use your existing resources and data
  • You need to integrate with your current systems
  • You need to reduce your IT backlog


  • Build enterprise web and mobile apps and portals 6x faster
  • Develop once and deploy engaging apps across all devices
  • Optimize resources and improve capabilities
  • Integrate with complex legacy systems
  • Adopt an agile approach to delivery, deployment and change 

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Liberty Seguros

Customers, partners, agents, underwriters can connect through a single mobile and web platform.


Mobile and web front-end for brokers decreases service center calls and offers unique online self-service

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Car Accident Reporting App

This pre-built app simplifies the entire claims reporting process by providing an easy-to-use interface that works great on every device, with significant built-in functionality:

  • Automatically access all policy information to submit an accident claim;
  • Take photos and add them to the claim to document all details of the accident
  • Capture the geolocation of the accident directly from your mobile device

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5 Essential Digital Tipping Point Resources

5 Essential Digital Tipping Point Resources

Enterprise digital transformation demands have far exceeded the capacity of IT teams to deliver, and the only option is to re-think, re-tool and re-engineer how technology gets delivered.

Explore these five crucial resources to fuel your move to digital transformation.

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Deliver Mobile Ready Apps in 30 Minutes - Recorded Webinar

Digital Transformation: The Key to Building an Agile Insurer

This webinar will cover the digital transformation underway in insurance. Over half of all insurer have broad-based digital strategies according to SMA research. In the past, digital initiatives tended to be focused on individual departments or for specific projects. Today there is a compelling need for a comprehensive strategy to become more digital across the enterprise.

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