5 Steps to a Successful Lotus Notes Application Migration

Lotus Notes was a revolutionary product for its time, enabling the creation of collaborative applications in a very quick way.

Lotus Notes

But 20 years gone by, Lotus Notes is becoming more of a burden than an advantage. Outdated user interfaces, an unmanageable application portfolio, poor scalability capabilities, lack of a relational model, and the dissemination of data through multiple silos, are just a few of the factors that are turning Lotus Notes into a liability. Not to mention growing licensing costs.

For the reasons above, many companies are now planning their migration away from Lotus Notes to other technologies. For them, the challenge now is how to successfully migrate their Lotus Notes applications into modern, cloud ready, user-friendly applications that your users will continue to love.

This eBook outlines 5 steps to ensure a successful migration from Lotus Notes to an up-to-date, web based, cloud ready platform.


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