Can you deliver an enterprise application that crosses multiple systems and integrates with SAP in 6 weeks instead of 6 months?

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See why our partners say “yes” to OutSystems for SAP.

OutSystems makes it easy to create world-class applications that extend any system, including SAP. 

With OutSystems, you can differentiate by your capabilities and execution, instead of by price. That can open up new opportunities to broaden your business and increase revenue streams.

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A few of the companies partnering with OutSystems for SAP.

ISB Global

SAP is no longer the center of the universe.

Enterprises used to rely on one ERP system to manage all of their needs. It wasn't easy to create applications on top of the ERP, but it was at least possible.

Today, as technology evolves toward a hybrid ERP model, accessing data across multiple systems like SAP, Workday, Concur and Hybris, it’s even more challenging to create engaging applications.

Traditional delivery methods simply can’t keep up with the demands of businesses that expect complex applications delivered in record time, easy maintenance, and continual updates to support ever-changing needs. It’s time for a better way.


Open up new worlds of opportunities to improve your business.

OutSystems makes it easy to create beautiful enterprise applications that cross multiple systems, including SAP/Custom SAP installations, giving you everything you need to set yourself apart from the price-driven world of SAP consultants. 

  • Differentiate through innovative services, not price.

  • Protect your customer’s investment in SAP while modernizing the application layer on top.

  • Avoid the cost and time associated with traditional customization methods.

  • Deploy across all platforms with one click.

  • Integrate data from multiple existing systems.

With OutSystems, you can make your customers happier and increase your value to them.



  • ABAP development
  • SAP implementation
  • Upgrades
  • Training
  • Maintenance


  • Actionable analytics
  • Mobile apps for customers
  • Industry solutions
  • Simplification of SAP (future upgrades)
  • Collaboration workflows
  • New digital business models
  • Mobility for operations

OutSystems makes it easy to create beautiful apps with SAP data.

  • Rapid development for SAP: Deliver complex enterprise applications that use SAP data six times faster than hand-coding.
  • Beautiful, purpose-built interfaces: Create applications on top of SAP that can be deployed on any device.
  • Rapid integration: Integrate all of your existing systems, including your custom SAP, no matter how complex.
  • Trusted capabilities: Inherit what matters from SAP -- security, governance, transactional integrity, and scalability.

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Check out a few of the SAP-driven apps created with OutSystems.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management App

Integrates with SAP Plant Maintenance and includes fingerprint authentication and barcode scanner.

Actionable Dashboard

Customer 360 View

A complex application that shares SAP data on financials and CRM with key stakeholders.

Actionable Dashboard

Actionable Dashboard

A game-changing dashboard that uses the power of SAP to simplify quality control and resolve problems in real time.

B2B Customer Portal

B2B Customer Portal

Uses the power of SAP data to make it easy to track orders, sales and distribution. 

See how our partners use OutSystems to drive success.

Lapis creates a Mobile Saleforce Automation in 6 months.

"In record time, we used OutSystems to create a system, that supports Lottery operations, unlike anything that exists in the market."

Jean Lombard

ISB Global creates a mobile app fully integrated with SAP.

"In two months with OutSystems, we were able to deploy the first version of Smart!World extending the power of SAP to mobile and web."

Chris Williams
Managing Director

Truewind-Chiron creates twenty patient portals in 9 months.

"OutSystems provided outstanding flexibility delivering tremendous value and innovation to our patients."

Luis Cardoso de Meneses 
Digital Marketing Manager

Learn how OutSystems can make SAP work for you.

Unleash the power of SAP with Rapid App Development

Unleash the power of SAP with Rapid App Development

Read this blog post by Roy van de Kerkof and learn:

  • Which rapid application development (RAD) platform integrates best with SAP.
  • How a RAD platform lets you develop agile applications with SAP that deliver great UX on any device.

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SAP reinvented: Unleash its power with RAD

The Complete Evaluation and Proof of Concept Guide for RAD Platforms

Watch this NextStep presentation and learn:

  • How B-Synergy is making SAP projects easy and fun.
  • The key to simplifying projects and delivering integrations with impressive speed.

Watch Now

OutSystems and SAP: Features and Benefits

OutSystems and SAP: Features and Benefits

Learn more about the technical details and benefits of our approach to integrating with SAP:

  • Drivers for SAP simplification.
  • How we approach the problem.
  • What the architectural and non-functional value is.
  • And other key benefits to our solution.

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