The State of Application Development

Meet Today’s Trending Tech Trio: Low-Code, AI, and Cloud-Native Development

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Want to know how tech leaders are building complex apps faster, accelerating digital innovation, overcoming skills gaps—and doing it all within budget? We asked more than 1,200 IT experts across the globe, and the answer is clear:

Cloud-native development, powered by low-code and AI assistance.

Experts say when combined, these tools help teams build and deploy apps in record time—and with 58% stating that app delivery has slowed or shown little to no improvement over the last year—the need for speed is greater than ever.

But that’s not all these technologies deliver.

Dig into this year’s State of Application Development report to learn:

  • Why the majority of respondents ranked cloud-native development as a high or the highest priority
  • How low-code and AI help businesses overcome common obstacles to cloud-native adoption
  • Why experts see low-code as the pathway to achieving more cloud-native development (in fact, 97% are already using low-code platforms)
  • How low-code, AI, and cloud-native development extend the capabilities of legacy systems, improve customer engagement, and amplify innovation
  • Why this trio makes businesses more efficient and agile (especially when compared to those using traditional on-premises solutions)