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Published on 2016-11-07 16:21:08
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.NET Install Checklist
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J2EE Installation Checklist
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  • Compatible with Platform Server release 10, versions or later
  • Compatible with Development Environment 10, versions or later
Additional Resources For further information on any issues, please contact Product Support.

NOTICE: OutSystems does not give support to any undesirable behavior you may experience due to the use or manipulation of undocumented components of the OutSystems platform, such as, internal JavaScript, RuntimePlatform library, database system meta-model, components in installation directories, etc.
Release Notes

New in Platform Server

  • "Take Offline" and "Bring Online" application operations in Service Center have been renamed to "Disable" and "Enable", to remove ambiguity regarding offline capabilities of mobile runtime applications.
  • Added UTF-8 flag to Java when compiling extensions. This adds support for database table and column names containing specific characters sets like Shift-JIS.
  • Cache header included by default in all supported application servers. Including "Cache-Control" header brings performance enhancements to application requests for static content.
  • Added support for Content Security Policies (CSP) for mobile runtime applications.
  • Added support for HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) for mobile runtime applications.
  • Improved end-user experience when new mobile application versions are available.
  • [Java Only] Added TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 to the default cryptographic protocols in Java. This allows communication to be established using all versions of TLS protocol (1.0, 1.1, and 1.2).

Side Effects

  • Some Javascript Nodes may become invalid after upgrading: Validation of JavaScript values when assigned to JavaScript node output parameters was fixed. Some unsupported values were being accepted, which may cause unexpected behaviors in the application. Invalid values assigned to output parameters will now throw an error at the end of the JavaScript node execution. 

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed differential compilation problem when changing the Module property of "Default Transition" (development-mode environments). ( #1435461)
  • Fixed offline support of mobile applications for scenarios where reference entity/structure definitions originating from extensions are used in client-side logic. (#1337277) 
  • Fixed a problem that could cause native mobile applications to enter a permanent loop when attempting to get their version rolled back. (#1435463)
  • Fixed differential compilation problem when using reference exception flows in global exception handlers (development-mode environments). (#1435445)
  • Fixed pre-bundling of mobile runtime applications during their native shell creation process on Personal Environments. (#1435464)
  • Fixed a problem when encoding Screen input parameters of mobile native applications containing space characters. (#1435444)
  • Native mobile applications no longer generate console errors related to promises library when starting-up on Android 4.4.2. (#1435465)
  • Fixed dropdown widget not being rendered on iOS apps. (#1386439)
  • Fixed compilation error on mobile modules with client-side expressions using function calls. (#1435466)
  • Fixed mobile applications upgrade errors not being sent to the server error log on rare scenarios. (#1435467)
  • Increased strength of authentication mechanisms in mobile applications. (#1435469)
  • Security improvements in images generated URL. (#1435454)
  • Fixed several runtime issues when using “Destination” objects and an unhandled error occurs. (#1378655)
  • Fixed compilation error in mobile modules with calls to server actions in OnApplicationStart and OnApplicationResume events. (#1435471)
  • Fixed user login getting stuck in rare cases due to a database lock. The lock occurred when logging in with a user that was selected for update or was created in a transaction that was not committed yet. (#1435447)
  • In some occasions, when syncing a new application, LifeTime could end up creating multiple instances of the same application. This process was changed so that it does not run in parallel to the same application. (#1435472)
  • BPT Impact Analysis in 2nd stage works even if the module name was changed. (#1300745)
  • After a deployment that generates a new mobile app, the available download was generated with the previous version. The version of the app is now updated prior to the generation. (#1435473)
  • Lifetime takes into account if a module has switched between applications when evaluating if the application should be published in a deployment. (#982941)
  • An application with outdated or broken references shows an application level warning but does not indicate the modules where the issue is located. The warning is now available in every module with issues. (#1383438)
  • Fixed client-side runtime errors when calling Server Actions that have as output with Entities from other modules. (#1435474)
  • Fixed problems reading unicode characters in Scripts that are set as a dependency of a module. (#1435446)
  • Fixed error while creating applications when Mobile App Generation Service is unreachable. (#1415149)
  • Fixed iDB2 use of dead connections. (#1408336)
  • Improved security in DB images access. (#1389703)
  • Fixed Configuration Tool error while upgrading database model. (#1386418)
  • Fixed 'invalid login' log entry appearing during environment synchronization. (#1378809)
  • Fixed issue where attributes in the request or response of a web reference were not properly handled in runtime. (#1344068)
  • Fixed SU/AO count for Silk Universal Template. (#1507615)
  • Fixed error in lifetime synchronization when an application doesn't have security settings active (#1342984)