Platform Server - 10.0.904.0

Published on 2018-09-25 11:24:01
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.NET Install Checklist
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  • Compatible with Platform Server release 10, versions or later
  • Compatible with Development Environment 10, versions or later
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NOTICE: OutSystems does not give support to any undesirable behavior you may experience due to the use or manipulation of undocumented components of the OutSystems platform, such as, internal JavaScript, RuntimePlatform library, database system meta-model, components in installation directories, etc.
Release Notes

New in Platform Server 10.0.904.0

  • The time-out for building mobile applications has been increased to 30 minutes, once you launch it from Service Studio. (RLIT-2095)
  • The millisecond precision has been added to the getdate() function for the MySQL databases. This enables the timers relying on getdate() to properly restart on demand. (RPD-3421)
  • The logs of the query errors from Aggregates and Advanced SQL now contain more details. (RRCT-1918)
  • We improved the way mobile apps save information when put in background or after being closed. This prevents a known iOS issue that causes the deletion of the local storage when the device is running low on free space. (RRCT-1973)
  • Added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 with JBoss 6 EAP as the application server. (RSAT-1028)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed application data displayed on LifeTime Analytics. (RPD-3513)
  • Fixed a path-related bug that broke compilation of style sheets in mobile apps with Resources in subdirectories. (RRCT-1951)
  • Fixed a bug that caused invalid generation of the CSP HTTP headers when using the default values from the Service Center settings. This prevented a small number of iOS apps from loading after the splash screen. (RRCT-1979)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented CSP violation logs from reaching the endpoint specified by the report-to header field. Now the violation logs are saved properly. (RRCT-1982)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the processing of error logs to fail with long Action names. (RPD-1769)
  • Fixed the bug that caused "Could not login to" error while publishing the "Current Running Version" of a Solution in Service Center. This caused issues in some upgrades. (RPD-2415)
  • Fixed the performance issue of "Exporting LifeTime data to Development as sample data" in LifeTimeSDK. (RPD-3388)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the configuration of the internal network to block the access from the IP sources that match both the trusted proxies addresses and the internal network addresses. (RPD-3391)
  • Fixed the default browser behavior to ask to save the log-in credentials. Now the password fields in OutSystems applications such as Service Center or LifeTime have the "autocomplete" property set to "off" by default. (RPD-3464)
  • Fixed the bug that caused "Cannot read property 'type' of null" JavaScript error when removing a radio button via Ajax. (RPD-3490)
  • Fixed the compilation of resources files when the Target Directory starts or ends with '/' (RRCT-1903)
  • Fixed the bug that caused the “Continue Deployment” button not to show in LifeTime. It occurred in some scenarios when multiple users were logged-in to the same Staging_Progress page. (RPD-3290)
  • Fixed a wrong message in the LifeTime staging. The users now see the correct message “you have no permission to deploy” instead of the incorrect “you have no permissions to tag”. (RPD-3319)
  • Fixed the bug in the French translation (fr-FR) for RichWidgets that prevented the Feedback Message from being displayed. (RPD-3252)
  • Fixed the bug in LifeTime Analytics that prevented actions with long names to appear in the Screen Details. (RPD-3427)
  • Fixed a navigation error in accessing the environment change log when the environment is not defined. (RLIT-2205)
  • Fixed the LifeTime error screen that shows when users try to access Security with this feature not enabled for the environment. (RLIT-2196)
  • Fixed the error message in LifeTime Deployment API about unsuccessful request for the Create Version call. (RLIT-2195)
  • Fixed the LifeTime error screen that users without the correct permissions see when attempting to access Permissions of an application. (RLIT-2194)
  • Fixed the name of the export file obtained after clicking the "Export to Excel" link from the Integrations Log page in Service Studio. (RLIT-2153)
  • Fixed the LifeTime error screen related to the missing user session. (RLIT-2191)
  • Fixed the spacing between the links on the Tenant tab of the eSpace details screen. (RLIT-2193)
  • Fixed an error in accessing the LifeTime audits when a username is not defined. (RLIT-2190)
  • Fixed an error that happened after choosing the Synchronise Now option from an Environment in LifeTime, in cases where the user didn't have the correct permissions. (RLIT-2189)
  • Fixed a bug related to checking the Nativiser status that caused LifeTime to crash. (RLIT-2188)
  • Fixed the Service Center mobile request logs so they now have a unit of time. (RLIT-2170)
  • Fixed invalid login error when using Integrated Authentication for both database and web service consumption. (RPD-3417)
  • Fixed an error related to the generation of the application icons when uploading an icon or creating a solution by uploading an OSP or OAP. (RPD-3444)
  • Fixed the deletion of Oracle Hints from the queries passed by the input parameters to the SQL Tool. (RPD-3457)
  • Fixed Service Center so it now ignores the database incoherences that can cause timers to appear to be running indefinitely. (RPD-2999)
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the Null binary parsing when serialized. Now a Null binary returned by server actions is always serialized to '{}'. (RRCT-1968)
  • Fixed an issue where database images containing trailing white spaces were not being rendered. (RRCT-1967)
  • Fixed a performance issue in .Net clients and Oracle Database that affected the publishing process of the modules with many tenants and multi-tenancy tables. (RPD-3440)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the execution of queries with the inline comment syntax to fail when used in the Service Studio SQL tool. (ABE-1216)