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Published on 2016-11-11 17:42:19
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  • Compatible with Platform Server release 10, versions or later
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NOTICE: OutSystems does not give support to any undesirable behavior you may experience due to the use or manipulation of undocumented components of the OutSystems platform, such as, internal JavaScript, RuntimePlatform library, database system meta-model, components in installation directories, etc.
Release Notes

New in Development Environment

  • Automatically generate actions to do offline data synchronization between Database and Local Storage Entities. To generate a synchronization action, right-click the Entity in Local Storage and select the pattern that suits your application use case:
  • Service Studio and Integration studio have new icons
  • Allow copying the results of the find usages window using keyboard shortcuts (CTRL-A, CTRL-C).
  • Added security warning validations (e.g.: open redirect) for mobile runtime applications.
  • Mobile application version upgrade messages can now be customized at design-time.
  • Dragging a data action with a single output to the screen will now scaffold UI based on the output type.

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed Native tab in Service Studio not fitting in smaller resolutions. (#1435452)
  • Fixed error related to messaging encoding when Service Studio requested a Native Build. (#1435456)
  • Fixed Stylesheets not getting properly updated when the extension of a referenced Image changed. (#1381317)
  • Improved Service Studio’s performance when editing screens with a large number of widgets (6000+). (#1370378)
  • Fixed Actions not being marked as Async when using $resolve and $reject as callbacks. (#1435458)
  • Fixed wrong suggestions being displayed in the "Add source" operation of aggregates. (#1320430)
  • Improved performance when handling actions with custom icons (e.g: drag and drop). (#1435450)
  • Fixed usability issues using Aggregate "Test Values" with text parameters. (#1319491)
  • You can now see the attribute details for variables of complex types in the properties pane. (#1435453)
  • Dragging a local storage entity which has an attribute with type of entity identifier from a server entity was wrongly creating an aggregate with a join between the two entities. (#1351309)
  • Fixed local storage images not being rendered when using hide/show patterns. (#1435449)
  • Fixed OnScrollEnding event being triggered on scroll up event. (#1435451)
  • We now prevent two consecutive events being triggered on a List Item widget. (#1435448)
  • Fixed not be able to refresh a script dependency. (#1327889)
  • Fixed rare Service Studio crash after cloning a module. (#1315974)
  • Fixed type conversions not being refreshed after changing inner structures. (#1435459)
  • Fixed Service Studio crash when drag-and-dropping an entity to a screen with errors. (#1364052)
  • Fixed using CurrDate()/CurrTime()/CurrDateTime() as default value that were being evaluated when the application was loaded, returning always the same default value. (#1435460)
  • Fixed Service Studio inability to reference OutSystems Now. (#1416349)
  • Fixed issue when upgrading translations from 9.1 to 10. (#1407315)
  • Added null values to Static Entity test value drop down menu. (#1375889)
  • Allow NullIdentifier() and CurrDate() in Aggregate test values. (#1375892)