Development Environment 11 - Release 24

Published on 2019-06-11 09:57:22
142.72 MB


  • Compatible with Platform Server 11, release Sep.2018 or later
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NOTICE: OutSystems does not give support to any undesirable behavior you may experience due to the use or manipulation of undocumented components of the OutSystems platform, such as, internal JavaScript, RuntimePlatform library, database system meta-model, components in installation directories, etc.
Release Notes

New in Development Environment Release 24

  • It is now possible to hide mobile app upgrade notifications by setting an empty message on the "Upgrade Messages" properties of the module. (RTAF-610)
  • Added support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 on MySQL external database connections. (RSAT-1258)
  • You can now convert an Aggregate to SQL in the window that displays the executed SQL. This option is only available if the Aggregate does not contain any of the following scenarios:
    — Structures in Source
    — Calculated attributes
    — Group By attributes
    — Dynamic Sorts
    This feature requires OutSystems Platform Server 11 Release Apr.2019 CP1. (RSBO-535)
  • Addresses used to previously import SOAP Web Services are now saved and can be reused. (RSBO-426)
  • When refreshing a SOAP Web Service, it's now possible to select a location for the definition other than the one used initially to import the service. (RSBO-434)
  • Added 'Deprecated' information to EnhancedWebReferences actions. (RSBO-424)
  • It is now possible to consume SOAP services that have sequences with duplicated elements. (RPD-3898)
  • Added support for SOAP Actions containing special characters. (RSBO-384)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that set the wrong Output Entity/Structure name in SQL node. (RDEV-496)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the properties dropdowns not to be shown when pressing F4. (RDEV-471)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Give Us Feedback popup to lose focus after changing the score. (RDEV-437)
  • Fixed wrong help URLs in Integration Studio and it now opens the documentation on the default system browser. Removed offline documentation. (RSBO-416)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when adding a variable to the Debug Watches list. (RTAF-530)
  • Fixed a crash in Expression Editor drag & dropping text (RTAF-592)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the scheduler to stop handling Processes for a while when updating an existing license via "ConfigurationTool /UploadLicense." (RSAT-1398)
  • Fixed an issue in the CSS Editor and Styles Editor where the values of CSS variables were not being considered. (RDEV-450)
  • Fixed an issue that affected text within comment nodes in entity diagrams when moving the nodes in edit mode and in some other situations while typing. (RDEV-412)
  • Improved performance of CSS Editor in large Stylesheets. (RPD-3249)