LifeTime Management Console - 11.5.0

Published on 2020-03-12 14:27:04
LifeTimeWithPlatformServer-11.5.0 (Build 223).exe
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Installation Checklist
Swagger for LifeTime API

Can manage environments with:
  • Platform Server 10, versions or later.
  • Platform Server 11, release Sep.2018 or later.
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NOTICE: OutSystems does not give support to any undesirable behavior you may experience due to the use or manipulation of undocumented components of the OutSystems platform, such as, internal JavaScript, RuntimePlatform library, database system meta-model, components in installation directories, etc.
Release Notes

New in LifeTime Management Console 11.5.0

  • Added a new API method to LifeTime API v2 (former LifeTime Deployment API v2) to retrieve application templates available in a given environment. (RLIT-3390)
  • Added a new API method to LifeTime API v2 (former LifeTime Deployment API v2) to create an application in a given environment. (RLIT-3391)
  • Added a new set of API methods to LifeTime API v2 (former LifeTime Deployment API v2) to manage users. These include: List all users, create a user, update a user, get the details of a user, set the password for a user, grant/revoke a role in an application to a user. (RLIT-3392)
  • Added a new set of API methods to LifeTime API v2 (former LifeTime Deployment API v2) to manage Teams. These include: List all teams, create a team, update a team, get the details of a team, delete a team, add/remove an application to a team, add/remove a user to a team. (RLIT-3393)
  • Added a new set of API methods to LifeTime API v2 (former LifeTime Deployment API v2) to manage Roles. These include: List all roles, create a role, update a role, get the details of a role, delete a role and get the available permission levels. (RLIT-3388)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that caused a timeout while creating a deployment plan containing an application with an extension connecting to external databases. (RDEV-1356)
  • Changed the process of cleaning up the outdated modules of a staging to avoid cleaning up records from stagings that are still in use. (RLIT-3520)
  • Fixed method User_GetApplicationPermissions from LifeTime Services API, that was not filtering the result by the given ApplicationKey. (RPD-4821)
  • Fixed a bug that makes the application appears with broken references in LifeTime when tagging application in an Environment using OutSystems 10. (RPD-4094)
  • Added missing permissions information in My Settings screen. Fixed a bug that allowed the user to add permissions in Teams but not in Applications, in some specific cases. (RLIT-3423)
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error during the step “Upgrading and refreshing modules of '' while publishing a solution in Service Center. (RPC-810)
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when validating a plan. The problematic scenario involved a new Structure attribute whose type is an entity identifier from another module. This happened when there were consumer applications for the Structure which weren't included in the plan. (RSBO-1271)
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when trying to access Deployment Summary when someone changes the deployment at the same time. (RLIT-3552)
  • Fixed issue that caused a deployment to become stuck in certain situations (after Reusing a plan that failed during compilation or when configuring deployment zones for the first time for an application) (RPD-4851)
  • Fixed error that appeared when selecting a deployment zone and there was only one application in the deployment. (RLIT-3589)
  • Improved the message shown when an error occurs registering an on-premises environment in hybrid infrastructure in cloud and it is not possible to connect using HTTPS. (RPD-4152)
  • Fixed an error related with user permissions that could occur when LifeTime is installed during an existing synchronization process. (RLIT-3425)
  • Fixed Users and Roles details screens crashing when the role permissions in one or more environments are not defined. (RPD-4787)
  • Fixed issue that could cause deployments to be stuck when the LifeTime environment does not have connection to the Internet. (RLIT-3547)
  • Removed misleading error log when LifeTime is not able to create an Application version in an environment due to the absence of some modules. (RLIT-3550)