Platform Server - 11.9.1

Published on 2020-09-24 11:44:44
PlatformServer-11.9.1 (Build 20359).exe
210.61 MB
Installation Checklist
Installation Checklist JP

  • Compatible with Development Environment 11, versions or later.
  • Can be managed by LifeTime 11, Release Sep.2019 or later
Additional Resources For further information on any issues, use the Support Portal.

NOTICE: OutSystems does not give support to any undesirable behavior you may experience due to the use or manipulation of undocumented components of the OutSystems platform, such as, internal JavaScript, RuntimePlatform library, database system meta-model, components in installation directories, etc.
Release Notes

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed crash on Chrome while uploading files bigger than 100MB in Reactive Web and Mobile Apps. (RPD-5151)
  • Solved issue that could cause timeouts in Configuration Tool, on SQL servers (RIDT-211)
  • Fixed Oracle database upgrade scripts from O10 to O11 that caused a missing table to allow BPT Events to work correctly after the upgrade to 11.9. (RPM-387)
  • Generated applications now correctly identify and load all third party library versions in order to prevent inconsistent runtime behaviors. This behavior is disabled by default. (RRCT-3106)
  • Fixed a compilation error in Oracle when an Entity attribute type was changed from Long Integer to Decimal (20,0). The system will no longer consider this a change in the database. (RPD-5206)
  • Fixed a security vulnerability. CVSSv3.1 score 7.4 (High). (RTAF-3379)