Platform Server - 11.11.1

Published on 2021-04-06 10:22:33
PlatformServer-11.11.1 (Build 29104).exe
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  • Compatible with Development Environment 11, versions or later.
  • Can be managed by LifeTime 11, Release Sep.2019 or later
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NOTICE: OutSystems does not give support to any undesirable behavior you may experience due to the use or manipulation of undocumented components of the OutSystems platform, such as, internal JavaScript, RuntimePlatform library, database system meta-model, components in installation directories, etc.
Release Notes

New in Platform Server 11.11.1

  • This improvement fixes the table headers not being re-rendered when the locale changes. (RAR-456)
  • The Scheduler Service now runs in an isolated folder inside the Platform Server installation folder, "{Platform Server folder}/Scheduler". (RPOT-989)
  • Significantly improved the deployment time when a new attribute is added to an entity with millions of entries. (SQLServer Enterprise and Oracle) (RSAT-1049)
  • You can now override the extensibility configurations of your PWA application through LifeTime and you can also include your configurations in any module of the application. (RTAFB-2611)
  • Now the apps properly show content for the right-to-left (RTL) languages. (RTAFB-4062)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a security issue that could cause unavailability of the platform. CVSSv3.1 score 4.1 (Medium). (RPD-4611)
  • Extension resources are no longer copied to consumers when there are only weak dependencies. CVSSv3.1 score 5.1 (Medium) (RTAFB-3511)
  • Breaking Change

    • Now, HTTP responses from Consumed REST API integrations are closed more aggressively. Previously, when doing numerous Consumed REST API requests, the number of used ports could increase rapidly and lead to port exhaustion problems. The new behaviour prevents this situation and helps avoid leaking resources, but can also cause runtime changes in some edge cases.
      Check OutSystems 11 side effects and breaking changes for more details on the breaking change and on a possible workaround.

    More details

    Fixed an issue that caused an "Unable to save the deployment plan" error when deploying an application that consumes an SC Extension, between environments on LifeTime.
    Application Lifecycle LifeTime

    Fix Details:
    * Symptoms * Unable to save Deployment Plan due to the error: "LogDump application requires module 'PlatformLogs' from 'Service Center'" *How to reproduce* NA

    Back navigations on Mobile Apps and Reactive Web Apps now correctly initialize the input values after an upgrade of the application.
    Application Runtime Interface

    Fix Details:
    When navigating with the back button on a Mobile or Reactive app after an upgrade, the previous state for the screens used before the upgrade is not recovered and the screen inputs are treated as empty.

    Fixed an issue assigning complex variables in Client Actions when using the cache mechanism.
    Application Runtime Interface

    Fix Details:
    Assignment leaves nested record empty * This happens only when reading the values through the Cache mechanism. * When reading without using the cache mechanism, this problem does not occur. * The only difference between the 'cache' and 'no-cache' mechanism is the sequence of events, especially regarding the execution of the callbacks. When using the cache, the callback is invoked synchronously. When not using the cache, it's invoked asynchronously.

    Fixed an issue where SEO Page Rules were cleared in a first redirect from an HTTP URL to an HTTPS URL.
    Application Runtime SEO Friendly URLs

    Fix Details:
    *Symptoms* When accessing a WebScreen using an SEO Page Rule, for example //TestPage/2 , but using HTTP when HSTS is enabled, the first access is redirected by the server to the non-SEO page with HTTPS, i.e. to https:////TestPage2.aspx?pagenum=2. *How to reproduce* In "Environment Security" (/servicecenter/Environment_Security.aspx), check options for "Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)", "Force HTTPS for screens in Web Applications" and click “Save and Apply Settings to the Factory“. In "SEO Friendly URLs - Page Rules" (/servicecenter/Page_Rules_List.aspx), click on "New Page Rule" and create new rule with a module, a web screen and URL Pattern: "/TestPage/{pagenum}" Visit http:////TestPage/2 and notice that the SEO rule was not applied. A redirect happened instead

    Mappings being used on ListAppend and ListInsert actions now return all the expected records.
    Application Runtime Data Access and Manipulation

    Fix Details:
    *Symptoms* An Aggregate does not return all the records it is supposed to return if its result is only used in a ListAppend, in the flow of the action where it is included. *How to reproduce* - Create an Aggregate in the flow of an action, which is expected to return several results (more than 1); - Use its result only in a ListAppend (and not anywhere else);

    Fixed an issue in method unregisteredBackNavigationHandler of JavaScript Navigation API causing all registered back navigation handlers to be removed from the queue.
    Application Runtime Logic Execution

    Fix Details:
    Unregistering a back navigation handler unregisters all handlers added after its registration.

    Fixed a compiler error when a structure list with the attributes of the Entity type was used as a Source Record List in the ComboBox widget of a Traditional Web App.
    Publish Operation Compilation

    Fix Details:
    Compiler crash

    Fixed an issue that could cause errors in PWAs (progressive web apps) running offline, if the PWAs were staged to a new environment in LifeTime or published from a solution.
    Publish Operation Compilation

    Fix Details:
    A runtime error is thrown navigating to certain screens on a PWA when application is offline. This is due to some missing resources on Service Worker that, consequently, are not cached and produce the error.

    Fixed an issue that prevented the value of a Foreign Key Attribute in a Static Entity Record that was deleted in Service Studio from being deleted from the database.
    Publish Operation Compilation

    Fix Details:
    *Symptoms* When we delete the value of a Record in a Static Entity that is a FK and publish the oml, the value is not updated in the Database *How to reproduce* * Create a Module * Create Static Entity A and B * Create one attribute in static entity B that is an FK to A * Add at least one record to each static entity * Define the FK in B to a valid Record of A * Publish the Module * Changing the FK in B to a non record value (e.g. set it empty) * Publish the Module again * Check the Database and confirm that the FK in B still has the previous value

    Fixed an issue where SLOWSQL entries for IsUserActive always had the column UserId set to zero.
    Application Runtime

    Fix Details:
    Customer detected exceptions with the message "There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first." when using the tool Appdynamics.

    Fixed a runtime behavior causing Ajax requests to block for users having Kaspersky anti-virus software installed.
    Application Runtime Interface

    Fix Details:
    *Symptoms* *How to reproduce*

    Fixed Client Actions set as functions so they use the default parameters when those functions are used inline. Previously the Client Actions set as functions ignored the default values in the inline calls.
    Application Runtime Logic Execution

    Fix Details:
    *Symptoms* When calling a Client Action as a function, if the action contains inputs with default values, the default values defined in the variables are not taken into account, leading to runtime issues. *How to reproduce* 1. Create a global Client Action and set its 'Function' property to Yes. I will name it 'Function'. a. Add the following input parameters and their default values to Function. i. In1 - Default Value: "function default" b. Add an Assign block and assign In1 to a new OutText output In1 = OutText 2. In any Screen, add a Client Action. I will name it Action1. a. Inside Action1, add an Assign block and assign a new Text1 Local Variable to Function(). Text1 = Function() 3. Create a button to call Action1 and debug the application. Notice that the Default Value from Function() will never be used. The issue can be reproduced in the OML in attachment testFunction.oml.

    Configuration Tool always launches Service Center installation on every execution
    Platform Installation Configuration

    Fix Details:
    *Symptoms* In Configuration Tool, after clicking "Apply and Exit", Service Center publishing prompt will not be triggered. *How to reproduce* - Open the Configuration Tool, update any setting and click "Apply and Exit" - Click "Cancel" in the prompt for Installation/publish latest version of Service Center - Close Configuration Tool on the top right and click "Yes" on the "Do you want to save your changes?" prompt. - Open Configuration Tool and click "Apply and Exit" You will not be prompt to Install the Service Center until at least one setting is changed.

    Fixed an issue with the calculation of the next run date for BPT events that failed with errors. Previously the next run date was set after months instead of after minutes.
    Application Runtime Processes

    Fix Details:
    *Symptoms* Events that fail are set to run several months in the future. *How to reproduce* Create a LighProcess in which the activity fails.