Platform Server - 11.12.0

Published on 2021-06-14 14:55:00
PlatformServer-11.12.0 (Build 30456).exe
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  • Compatible with Development Environment 11, versions or later.
  • Can be managed by LifeTime 11, Release Sep.2019 or later
Additional Resources For further information on any issues, use the Support Portal.

NOTICE: OutSystems does not give support to any undesirable behavior you may experience due to the use or manipulation of undocumented components of the OutSystems platform, such as, internal JavaScript, RuntimePlatform library, database system meta-model, components in installation directories, etc.
Release Notes

New in Platform Server 11.12.0

  • You can now Expose REST webservices using the PATCH verb. This capability is a technical preview feature and you need to activate the option "PATCH method in exposed REST APIs" in LifeTime. (R11DT-89)
  • It is no longer possible to concurrently publish the same modules in Solutions and individually. Modules in Solutions remain locked for the duration of the Solution publish. (R11PIT-176)
  • Upgraded to React 16. The platform runtime in Platform Server 11.12.0 and later uses the upgraded version of React, React 16. Although we’ve been testing this with help of multiple customers in multiple scenarios, we know that on rare occasions this upgrade may break some JavaScript extensibility code not compliant with React 16 so we recommend you fully test your Web Reactive and Mobile applications after the upgrade. This upgrade may also break the following components, so make sure you update to the latest versions from Forge: Multilingual Component, Input Masks Library, Input Masks Mobile. (RAR-174)
  • We improved the accessibility of the Table. The Table widget now has the following ARIA attributes: role="grid" and aria-rowcount. The cells in the Table have aria-colindex and aria-rowindex, while the header cell has aria-sort. (RAR-316)
  • We improved the Button Group widget accessibility by adding the following ARIA attributes: role="radiogroup", aria-activedescendant, role="radio", and aria-checked (if required by the item state). (RAR-319)
  • Improved the performance of Aggregates in PWAs when you use Join Conditions or Filters with more than one comparison. (RAR-381)
  • We improved the Radio Group widget accessibility by adding the following ARIA attributes: role="radiogroup", aria-activedescendant, role="radio", and aria-checked (if required by the item state). (RAR-433)
  • Native build now uses timeout returned by MABS instead of predefined value. (RLIT-4329)
  • With OutSystems Now being deprecated, the WebScreenClientExecuted event from PerformanceMonitoring API no longer retrieves properties related to applications running on mobile devices (DMan, Dmod, Dplat, DPlatV, NT, CN, CCC, CNT). (RLIT-4405)
  • When distributing an Android application using MABS 7, it is now possible to choose an Android App Bundle build type to generate an .aab file to upload to the Play store. (RNMT-4579) (RNMT-4579)
  • Redesigned the download page for mobile applications generated by MABS. (RNMT-4615)
  • Added support for SQL Server 2019 and compatibility level 150. This applies to the platform database, as well as external databases. (RPLAT-418)
  • Upgrading to the Oracle Managed Driver (19.10.1), fixes the ORA-12514 error in the Oracle Rac (Real Application Cluster). For more information on this and other fixes, see the Oracle release notes. (RPLAT-542)
  • Now, with Flexible Upgrades, after upgrading the Platform Server, you can opt to publish your applications gradually, following your teams' pace, instead of being required to publish all your applications directly after the upgrade. Not yet available in Platform installations running over Oracle, only for SQL Server. (RSUPT-705)
  • Now you can configure friendly URLs in your Reactive Web Apps. Go to Service Center > Administration > SEO URLs to set up the site rules and redirects. Configure the page rules in Service Studio, by setting Custom URLs to Yes in the Screen properties. SEO Friendly URLs is a technical preview feature, and you need to activate the option "SEO Friendly URLs" in LifeTime. (RTAFB-3869)
  • Inside Service Studio, you can now translate the UI for Reactive Web and Mobile Apps. (RTAFB-4112)
  • Added the server-to-client data transfer optimization for the Mobile and Reactive Web Apps. The optimization works for Screen Aggregates, Data Actions, and for the Server Actions in the logic flows of Screen Client Actions. (RTAFB-4331)
  • Now you can, in Mobile and Reactive Web Apps, create lightweight emails with basic navigation and styling. Emails in Reactive and Mobile is a technical preview feature, so you need to activate the option "Emails for Mobile and Reactive" in LifeTime. (RTAFB-4361)

Bug Fixing

Known Issues

  • Publishing Mobile or Reactive Web apps that use very complex structures in screen logic may take longer than usual or fail due to a timeout during compilation. It might also result in a memory consumption higher than usual while publishing.
  • To disable this for a specific module you can follow this procedure:
    1. Install Factory Settings Module in the environment (skip if already installed);
    2. Access Factory Settings Application; - Select "eSpaces" in the top of the app;
    3. Select your module from the list;
    4. Add a new configuration with the name "ClientSideOptimizerDisabled" and the value "True";
    5. Press "Define".
    To disable this for the whole environment you can follow this procedure:
    1. Install Factory Settings Module in the environment (skip if already installed);
    2. Access Factory Settings Application;
    3. Select "Platform Configurations" in the top of the app;
    4. Tick the options "Disable client-side optimizations for Reactive Web Apps" and "Disable client-side optimizations for Mobile Apps";
    5. Go to the bottom of the page and press "Apply".
  • Concurrent usage of Static Entities defined in Libraries can lead to transient application runtime errors.

More details

We fixed the EPA Taskbox to correctly show content in the production environment. The Taskbox didn't send the UserId in the requests, causing an empty Activity Details Page.
Application Runtime System Components

Fix Details:
In a Production Environment when opening an activity in the EPA_Taskbox there is no content displayed. After 15 to 20 seconds the button changes from "Open" to "Done"

Fixed an issue on PWAs that caused Aggregates having a With or Without Join and a Filter over the joined Entity comparing its Id Attribute with NullIdentifier() to return no results.
Application Runtime Data Access and Manipulation

Fix Details:
The Local Aggregates are not returning the data as expected

Fixed a Platform Server upgrade issue while running the Configuration Tool when the connection to MABS server fails.
Platform Installation Configuration

Fix Details:
*Symptoms* During Service Center publish from Configuration Tool, the operation will fail with errors: Unable to connect to the remote server From - $Response code: OK. Response content:bootstrap error *How to reproduce* The problem occurs when: * Upgrading from 10 to 11 * There are existing Mobile App Configurations * And it is not possible to contact MABS Service

Fixed an issue that could cause the Service Center to become unavailable when using "servicecenter" as an alias of an application.
Application Lifecycle Service Center

Fix Details:
*Symptoms* It is possible to define an SEO module alias rule that can prevent the correct use of the platform. *How to reproduce* 1. When creating a module alias rule, add alias "servicecenter" and save the rule. 2. After that, access to Service Center will fail.

Fixed a publishing error in public screens where producers were not exporting the default values of input parameters.
Publish Operation Compilation

Fix Details:
*Symptoms* When trying to publish a module we'll get the following error: Internal Error Compilation Error. referencesProxy\eSpace_ScreenInputDefaultValue_proxy.cs(53,54): error CS0117: '[Screen].DefaultValues' does not contain a definition for '[object full path]' With the following state in the end of the stack: State: Build References Proxy *How to reproduce* Create 2 Espaces: a Producer and a Consumer. In the producer, create a public screen with an input variable. The input variable be: * Not Mandatory * Default value set to something * Data type of [entity name] identifier (an Entity that you created in the Producer eSpace) * On the Consumer eSpace reference this screen. Try to publish the Consumer Espace to see the error.

Fixed an issue in the DiffDays client-side function that wasn't taking the time zone into consideration.
Application Runtime Logic Execution

Fix Details:
*Symptoms* DiffDays is not calculating results correctly on Client-Side. There is an inconsistency between two particular dates (26th and 29th of March). In some years, it shows a difference of only 2 days. This issue is related to the daylight savings and to time conversion to UTC that is always made in the client-side. *How to reproduce* Use the DiffDays client-side action to calculate the different between 26-03-2003 and 229-03-2003 26-03-2004 and 229-03-2004 will return a different result for each operation.

Fixed issue that caused the filter on applications in Email Logs page to be lost when changing page.
Application Lifecycle Service Center

Fix Details:
*Symptoms* Unable to filter the email logs by the application when moving to other pages. *How to reproduce* On the email log screen inside the Service Center monitoring, filter the result by an application and then move to the next page.

Fixed app runtime crashes after upgrading to Platform Server version 11.10.0 and later, when accessing Site Properties of a particular set of modules. (RPM-706)
Application Runtime Data Access and Manipulation

Fix Details:
*Symptoms* After updating to version 11.10x the following error occurs when reading Site Properties values: Input string was not in the correct format. *How to reproduce* This error occurs due to a change in the Site Properties mechanism, where Site Properties that have a value defined that differs from its data_type, even if inactive/deleted, will throw the error above.

Fixed an issue that was causing the Traditional Web App Feedback balloon to be hidden whenever a screen's preparation calls to the Taskbox_Hide action.
Application Runtime System Components

Fix Details:
*Symptoms* App Feedback ballon does not appear on a traditional application *How to reproduce* 1 - Create a traditional application with a module 2 - Activate App Feedback for the application 3 - Validate it shows the AppFeedback ballon 4 - Open the module and add a reference to the BPT_API (extension) action Taskbox_Hide 5 - Call the action inside the screen's preparation 6 - Publish and access the module 7 - App Feedback ballon no longer shows

Fixed a Mobile App issue related to the triggering of the OnApplicationReady action before the app reloads to perform an upgrade.
Application Runtime Mobile Application Update

Fix Details:
*Symptoms* Android users are redirected to the error screen when trying to update the application. There is an error log stating that `Cannot read property 'default' of undefined`. *How to reproduce* 1 - Create a mobile application with an OnApplicationReady event handler and SSL Plugin. 2 - Create a native build for Android, install and run the app. 3 - Create a new client action in the logic tab and publish the module. 4 - Close the app and re-open. You should be redirected to the error screen when the app tries to update.

Added instructions to the install the check list to remove a Pure Deployment Controller from the Load Balancer, as well as disable the OutSystemsApplications app pool on IIS. to avoid requests being served by that server
Platform Installation Configuration

Fix Details:
*Symptoms* After changing one of the OutSystems database user/password, using the Configuration Tool, a pure Deployment Controller server will still use the old connection string, for the applications deployed in that server. This may lead to runtime errors if the old database user is deleted or if the current user password was changed. *How to reproduce* - In a farm environment with a server running as a pure Deployment Controller (only running the Deployment Controller service), follow the steps to change the OutSystems database users detailed in our documentation, without ever starting the Deployment Service: - - After that, try accessing the applications deployed in the pure Deployment Controller server.

Fixed an issue which could cause degradation of the publish performance under certain circumstances.
Publish Operation Compilation

Fix Details:
*Symptoms* The big symptom is longer compilation times in versions 11.9.1 and higher vs 11.8.2, up to 5 times slower in the worst case scenario. *How to reproduce* Publish the same module in versions 11.8.2 and 11.9.1 and compare the compilation times.

Fixed a BPT performance issue where ended events wouldn't get deleted after the process or the activity was closed.
Application Runtime Processes

Fix Details:
*Symptoms* When a Human Activity has the "Close On" defined with an "Update" entity action and there is no "Id" defined, any update to that entity will trigger an event, to be added to the "OSSYS_BPM_EVENT_QUEUE" and if there is a bulk Update operation, updating many records from that entity, several unnecessary events will be created to close the exact same Human Activity instance; *How to reproduce* - Create an eSpace and define a process that contains a Human Activity; - Define the "Close On" property with an "Update" entity action; - Leave the "Id" field empty; - Trigger several instances of the Process and consequently, of the Human Activity; - Update several records of the entity;

We improved the Service Center error "Invalid call of the [action name] client action of the [screen name] since the latter is not currently active". The error now has more details about the action and screen. Additionally, the verbosity of the error now depends on the context.
Application Runtime Logic Execution

Fix Details:
*Symptoms* *How to reproduce*

Fixed a bug where the platform asked a user to login twice when using Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA).
Application Lifecycle Service Center

Fix Details:
*Symptoms* *How to reproduce*