Platform Server - 11.20.0

Published on 2023-04-24 11:59:53
PlatformServer-11.20.0 (Build 38549).exe
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  • Compatible with Development Environment 11, versions or later.
  • Can be managed by LifeTime 11, Release Sep.2019 or later
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NOTICE: OutSystems does not give support to any undesirable behavior you may experience due to the use or manipulation of undocumented components of the OutSystems platform, such as, internal JavaScript, RuntimePlatform library, database system meta-model, components in installation directories, etc.
Release Notes

New in Platform Server 11.20.0

  • Added information about the duration of a process to the Process Instance Detail screen. (R11CT-1875)
  • Improved the log filters in Service Center so that when filtering for a certain time period it shows the last records up to the last second filtered. (R11CT-1877)
  • Upgraded Microsoft.IdentityModel libraries to version 6.26.0. (R11PIT-1054)
  • Added support for Amazon's Instance Metadata Service Version 2 (IMDSv2). (RPM-1002) Infrastructure Management Licensing Infrastructure
  • When upgrading the Platform by running the Configuration Tool, existing sequences that have no cache will be updated to have a cache size of 100. Applies only to environments using an Oracle database. (RPM-3599) Infrastructure Management Cloud Orchestration

Bug Fixing

  • Updated copy on the Licensing page of Service Center. (R11BRT-322)
  • Introduced a validation that prevents the "Save and Apply settings to the factory" when there were no effective changes to the settings in Environment Security page. Disabled the 'Save' and 'Save and apply settings to the factory' buttons when the page is managed by Lifetime. (R11CT-1812)
  • Fixed an issue where the Role search on the UserShow screen of the Users app was only searching the current page of the paginated table, instead of searching the entire table. Inspired by Nicholas Campbell's idea. (R11CT-1919)
  • Fixed misbehaviors when attempting to Login/Logout with SAML authentication and Single Sign-On Between App Types. Added Site Property AlternativeSamlLoginLogoutFlow on Users to enable an alternative flow for SAML login and logout (disabled by default). If enabled, prevents redirects to Users Invalid Permissions screen on logins and redirects to the application on logouts. (RPM-1077) Application Lifecycle Users
  • Removed the connectivity requirements from the Controller Service to external database connections during the compilation of modules. This change is dependent on the opt-out configuration made available for RPM-3663. (RPM-1152) Publish Operation Compilation
  • Fixed a visibility issue in reactive applications that caused a Popover's content to not be completely visible whenever it was inside an element with an overflow:hidden property. Important note: since the Popover is no longer declared inside the containing element, but rather higher in the DOM hierarchy, any customizations over the Popover style may lead to unintended behavior. (RPM-3023) Application Runtime Supported Forge Component
  • Resources used on SOAP Callback Actions were not being copied to their consumers which was resulting in missing resources errors in runtime. (RPM-3089) Application Runtime Logic Execution
  • Fixed an issue that caused the LifeTimeAPI to throw a converting datetime error when the SQL Server Database has date format "dmy". (RPM-3105) Application Lifecycle LifeTime
  • Fixed an issue where operations which involved manipulating data records were crashing when the corresponding entity's data type was set to another entity's identifier. (RPM-3173) Service Studio Data Access and Manipulation
  • The issue of users being frequently logged out even with the "remember me" option selected has been resolved and users should no longer experience unexpected logouts. (RPM-3491) Application Lifecycle Service Center
  • Fixed an issue that caused an empty file when downloading traces from the previous week. (RPM-3524) Application Lifecycle Service Center
  • Fixed an issue that caused indexes to not use the NLSSORT function when referring to text foreign key columns.
    This is only applicable when running Platform Server on Oracle databases.
    Now, you can change this behavior by enabling the “Enable NLS_SORT usage in indexes referencing FK columns” setting using the Factory Configuration component. This setting can be enabled before upgrading the platform, so that it's effective on the first publish or Deploy All after the upgrade. (RPM-3609) Application Runtime Data Access and Manipulation
  • Fixed the introspection of views with db links in SQL Server where the attributes would be relative to one of the linked tables columns instead of the actual view. This fix introduces a breaking change where it may no longer be possible to perform update, delete or get for update operations over views with db links. The old behavior can be enabled using Factory Configuration, see the breaking change notes for more information. (RPM-3663) Integration Studio
  • Fixed an issue that caused upgrades to Platform Server 11.18 or later to fail, while Configuration Tool tried to install System Components. This occurred if a workaround was applied to the target environment, that involved changing the value of a ServerAPIAuthenticationV2 toggle. (RPM-3698) Infrastructure Management Platform Configuration
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the same solution from being simultaneously published in different Personal Environments. (RPM-3724) Publish Operation
  • Now, "Refresh token is no longer valid" log entries are classified as General logs instead of Error logs. These log entries are triggered when a Service Center session times out, due to a user being inactive for 20 minutes or due to the user logging out in another browser tab. (RPM-3739) Application Lifecycle Service Center
  • Fixed an issue in the Users application which did not show all possible results when filtering the list of inactive users. (RPM-608) Application Lifecycle Users
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the login of users with usernames containing more than 50 characters, when using SAML authentication for End-Users authentication (either with the 'Azure AD', 'Okta' or the generic 'SAML 2.0' options). (RPM-756) Application Runtime Authentication and Authorization
  • Improved the CleanLoginAttempts Timer performance to prevent indefinite delays that could occur during the cleanup of login attempts. Optimized the cleanup performance of refresh tokens, which can now be completed more efficiently, reducing the likelihood of timeout errors. (RPM-941) Application Lifecycle Service Center
  • Fixed a security vulnerability that allowed unauthorized users to access certificates data. CVSSv3.1 score 4.3 (Medium). (RPM-3626) Application Lifecycle Service Center
  • Fixed a security vulnerability that allowed unauthorized users to access errors detail. CVSSv3.1 score 3.1 (Low). (RPM-3703) Application Lifecycle Service Center

Breaking change

  • In SQL Server, when importing or using external entities targeting views with DB linked tables, the platform will now treat those views as local views instead of attempting to perform operations directly on the underlying tables. This can lead to Update, Delete and GetForUpdate operations, which were previously possible on those views, to stop working. Check more detail on how to deal with this breaking change here.