Development Environment 11 - Release 18

Published on 2019-04-15 16:28:09
135.22 MB


  • Compatible with Platform Server 11, release Sep.2018 or later
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NOTICE: OutSystems does not give support to any undesirable behavior you may experience due to the use or manipulation of undocumented components of the OutSystems platform, such as, internal JavaScript, RuntimePlatform library, database system meta-model, components in installation directories, etc.
Release Notes

New in Development Environment Release 18

  • Now, the label of an Assign is automatically set after dragging a Variable with a data type of Entity, Structure, or Record to an Action Flow. Inspired by Nelson's idea. (RDEV-56)
  • From now on it is possible to open a Screen in browser when the Widget Tree is enabled. Inspired by Johan's idea. (RDEV-172)
  • We have now added support to enable or disable early access features at the environment level. (RSCT-1810)
  • Updated the following JavaScript library used by the mobile application runtime: 'decimal.js' to version 10.0.1, 'toformat' to version 2.0.0. (RTAF-91)
  • Now you can go to the documentation for "How to Integrate With an External Database" from the context menu of Databases, in the Data tab. (RDEV-318)
  • Now you can quickly tell us how you feel about Service Studio. Click the megaphone icon on the toolbar, rate, and click Send. Try it out and tell us what you think! (RDEV-253)
  • Improved visibility of True Change messages' suggestions and help documentation. Suggestions to fix the message are shown as a light bulb and a link to the documentation is shown as a question mark. (RDEV-230)
  • It is now possible to fix a mobile List widget that has an invalid source by dragging and dropping a valid source on top of the List. (RDEV-176)
  • It is now possible to use Ctrl+Down/Ctrl+Up to reorder assignments when the focus is on the Value property of an Assign. Inspired by PJ M's idea. (RDEV-174)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that prevented adding "{EntityName}.*" automatically to a SQL query by dragging an Entity to the SQL element. (RDEV-351)
  • Fixed a Service Studio crash that occurred when introspecting WSDL with types having a single attribute with the same name. (RSBO-249)
  • Fixed an issue in WSDL introspection to correctly identify attributes with types declared in place via restriction. (RSBO-281)
  • Fixed an issue where the "Widget" property on "Ajax Refresh" nodes showed multiple "Select Widget" options. (RDEV-320)
  • Fixed the icon of the Run Server Action element shown in the Toolbox when editing Actions with a custom Icon. (RDEV-335)
  • Fixed an issue with generating structures in SOAP services that use the "unbounded" qualifier in group references. (RPD-4020)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when importing SOAP Web Services that had invalid WSDL definition with missing portType elements. (RSBO-356)