Development Environment 11 - Release 7

Published on 2018-12-19 09:32:57
140.82 MB


  • Compatible with Platform Server 11, release Sep.2018 or later
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NOTICE: OutSystems does not give support to any undesirable behavior you may experience due to the use or manipulation of undocumented components of the OutSystems platform, such as, internal JavaScript, RuntimePlatform library, database system meta-model, components in installation directories, etc.
Release Notes

New in Development Environment Release 7

  • The shortcut Ctrl+N executed in a Flow now creates an empty Screen. Previously this shortcut opened the New Screen window. (RAFT-1616)
  • The icon picker in the Web application development is now the same as the one in Mobile. Plus, you'll get this new experience when selecting a Static Record item, both in Web and Mobile. Inspired by Bruno Fonte's idea. (RAFT-1607)
  • You can now use the arrows keys and the Tab key to navigate the Screen Templates inside the New Screen window. (RAFT-1673)
  • Improved the 1-Click Publish performance of modules containing references without entities or structures. (ABE-1275)

Bug Fixing

  • We fixed an array compilation error in the SOAP web services that prevented module publishing. This affected only applications with the new SOAP implementation. (RPD-3627)
  • Fixed crash that sometimes happened when using Test in the SQL node. (ABE-1322)
  • We improved the stability of Service Studio by resolving an issue that sometimes crashed the IDE after creating a local variable. The fix involved changing the underlying enumeration. (ABE-1323)
  • We improved the stability by fixing the way Service Studio handles errors in communicating with the server. (ABE-1330)
  • Now Service Studio doesn't crash after running Ctrl+F in the Executed SQL aggregate window. Thanks to Matheus Medeiros for reporting the bug. (ABE-1331)
  • Fixed a crash that happened when quickly deleting several sources in an Aggregate. (ABE-1333)
  • Fix a crash that occurred when changing the width from "auto" to other value in Styles Editor. (RAFT-1720)
  • Now Service Studio doesn't crash while you're on an Android device debugging an app that opens the external links within the in-app browser. (RAFT-1712)
  • Fixed a bug that crashed Service Studio while offline and trying to select a module in the Debugger > Debug Setup > Entry Module. (RAFT-1702)
  • Now it's possible to merge translation messages because we fixed the related UI issues. (RCOT-1964)
  • Fixed a bug to improve stability during the auto-save. (RICT-1146)
  • Fixed a bug that crashed Service Studio after opening a context menu with the Assign tools selected. (RIUT-549)