Development Environment - 10.0.717.0

Published on 2018-01-05 21:55:17
57.80 MB

  • Compatible with Platform Server release 10, versions or later
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NOTICE: OutSystems does not give support to any undesirable behavior you may experience due to the use or manipulation of undocumented components of the OutSystems platform, such as, internal JavaScript, RuntimePlatform library, database system meta-model, components in installation directories, etc.
Release Notes

New in Development Environment 10.0.717.0

  • Updated adb and SharpAdbClient to improve debugging of mobile apps on Android. (RAFT-1095)
  • The look of scroll bars in Service Studio is improved and made consistent. (RAFT-1055)
  • Improved debugging of mobile apps when using newer versions of Chrome. (RAFT-1006)
  • A dialogue now shows when you create local entities from the server entities, enabling you to select the attributes for the local storage. (RAFT-1005)
  • Service Studio now shows a performance warning if an image in a mobile app is bigger than 500KB. (RAFT-869)
  • Removed a bitmap from UI for “Paste as” dialogue of the Widget Tree. (RAFT-1053)
  • Service Studio can now open multiple OML/OAP files from the disk at the same time. (RIUT-108)
  • The upper-cased keywords TODO, TBD, and REMINDER in a comment now automatically set the comment as a reminder. (RIUT-85)
  • It is now possible to extract parts of the flow into a new action by selecting the flow elements and choosing “Extract to Action” after right-clicking the selection. (RIUT-126)
  • Improved Submit Feedback experience to be less intrusive and send crash reports by default. (RIUT-9)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a bug that prevented ListFilter, ListAny, ListAll, ListIndexOf and ListSort from returning the results because some attributes from the source list were ignored. (ABE-674)
  • Fixed an error that caused a crash when double-clicking the “Executed SQL” property in the properties pane of the Service Studio connected to a production environment. (ABE-666)
  • Fixed a bug that enabled adding a reference to a local storage entity in a web module. (ABE-677)
  • Fixed a bug in the Service Studio merge feature that caused a functionally identical Aggregate to be shown as modified. (RCOT-447)
  • Fixed a bug in the Service Studio merge feature that caused a functionally identical SQL node from a previous version to be shown as modified. (RCOT-288)
  • Fixed a bug in the merge window that caused some elements to be marked as modified (for example, WebScreens, Actions, Processes), even when there were no changes to them. (RCOT-245)
  • Dragging an image to an existing image widget now replaces the image and does not create a new widget. (RIUT-101)
  • The comment nodes now don’t cover the flow connectors. (RIUT-82)
  • The focus is now on the new window after connecting to another environment. (RIUT-81)