A series of online sessions to explore the latest tech trends and improve your OutSystems development skills

Join us for a series of quick hit sessions where we explore hot technology trends and how they apply to OutSystems

Data Anonymization: Best Practices for Handling Sensitive Data

July 8  •  Virtual Event

Avoid Technical Debt for Continuous Agility

August 5  •  Virtual Event

Low-Code DevOps

Available Now  •  On-Demand

Agile Best Practices for Remote Teams

Available Now  •  On-Demand

RPA: Hit or Miss?

Available Now  •  On-Demand

In Depth

Take your OutSystems development to the next level. Join us for a series of technical sessions to help you get the most out of developing with OutSystems. You’ll want to be familiar with OutSystems and Service Studio to get the full benefit of these sessions.

Converting Existing Portfolio to Reactive

July 22  •  Virtual Event

UX/UI Design for OutSystems

Available Now • On-Demand

Web and Mobile Architecture with Architecture Dashboard

Available Now  •  On-Demand