Greetings to all!

João Guerra is a Designer. Capital "D" kind of designer. That's because he understands and feels the pains of his fellow designers when they are designing for developers. But he also understands the pains developers have in translating a designer's visions.

So, João is here to help. We heard you, and we want to make the lives of people with different mindsets a lot easier.

João will go through his personal story, from being a designer used to create for B2C, to one that's much more focused on the B2E market, and the challenges he had to embrace in his path.

And then he will tell you all about how a framework helps and how it enables him to iterate much more quickly with his developer counterparts.

In this session you will:

  • Understand the importance of Design in Enterprise Apps.
  • Figure out how UX and UI develop a vision and collaborate to create a concept.
  • Learn how designers and developers can work together, as a team.
  • Discover the methods and tools that can lead to better collaborations.
  • How to customize designs - Style Guides, building pages with pre-built patterns and how to adapt to specific use cases.

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