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If you want to develop and deliver custom mobile and web enterprise applications, and make this process as fast and efficient as possible, there are several solutions to consider, each with its own strengths. Appcelerator is sometimes cited as a solution for accelerating development, and indeed, it does offer time-to-market advantages over many traditional approaches. Its template-driven, Javascript-centric focus does cater to traditional developers, and is used for fast delivery of many consumer-facing and gaming apps.

Unfortunately, this speed carries the baggage of platform lock-in, and framework dependencies that can ultimately haunt deliverables as time progresses. The OutSystems Platform is designed for enterprise systems with extensive data integration requirements. It drastically cuts the amount of hand-coding required to build apps, yet still caters to the needs of businesses looking for app-building simplicity and fast time to market.

Rather than limiting customers to Javascript (and proprietary XML and specific frameworks), OutSystems Platform generates standard Java and .NET applications, so it’s enterprise-friendly, open and flexible. The solution also includes a highly automated delivery pipeline that provides unprecedented efficiency for deployment and development iterations over the lifecycle of applications (DevOps). Customers get more flexibility without ultimately being held hostage by proprietary development and infrastructure layers, and without a high dependency on time-consuming hand coding.

Appcelerator vs OutSystems At-a-Glance:



OutSystems Platform

Designed as many disparate pieces that must be knit together with extensive hand-coding to get to a finished app.


Streamlined tool set with a single visual environment.

Lock-in: Proprietary interpreter that translates Javascript built in company’s Alloy framework.


Generates native Java or .NET applications.

Requires very high level of Javascript expertise.


Intuitive visual app development, drag-and-drop integration.

Custom (e.g. Oracle) database integrations are unwieldy and time-consuming and must be hand-built using Javascript and Node.js.


Even complex custom database integrations can be done in minutes; reuses existing database logic with no re-tooling.

Requires multiple applications/CLIs for installations and builds.


One-click publish to iOS, Android, responsive HTML 5.

Because of the extensive toolchain, troubleshooting is often very difficult.


Unique TrueChange functionality works on-the-fly, checking dependencies and ensuring error-free changes across all application components (logic, UI, processes, data model).

Claim 40% reduction in dev time.


Customers have reported as much as 75% reduction in dev time, with fewer resources.

No Server-Side or Code Lock-in

Appcelerator provides a tool kit that focuses on hand-coding in Javascript, and is often favored by developers building consumer facing e-commerce apps or even games. Although they try to spin the solution as open source, it still requires writing code that targets proprietary XML and CSS in apps, as well as proprietary Javascript libraries on the server side. OutSystems Platform generates native, documented C# or Java code. Application data in OutSystems is transparently stored in standard SQL, giving users direct access to the underlying database.

Proven Performance for Serious Enterprise Grade Apps

OutSystems Platform is designed for the enterprise, with serious integration power that can gracefully accommodate even the most complex data scenarios with little to no hand-coding required. The platform generates native Java or .NET code with a large set of optimizations suited for highly complex and demanding applications. Creating similarly complex data integration scenarios in Appcelerator typically requires writing highly significant amounts of Javascript code manually, which slows down the process and increases exposure for errors. Just setting up a development environment for Appcelerator can take days, due all the components that are required, and that must be configured by hand.

Easy Integration with Existing Systems

Appcelerator is designed for developers who want to get to market faster, and who have a high degree of expertise in Javascript and/or strictly web based development, as it allows users to write code in what they know (albeit using specially customized versions of their usual dev tools), while being able to target new platforms natively, like iOS and Android. OutSystems Platform is designed for developers who want to build apps quickly with as little effort as possible, so that they can deploy and then iterate on those aps. Rather than waiting many months or even years to go from idea to production, the speed of busines nowadays demands more rapid development cycles and faster change.

Proven Technology

Hundreds of companies in 25 countries across 22 industries use OutSystems Platform to rapidly deliver custom, enterprise applications while improving IT productivity and reducing their change request backlog. More and more companies are turning to OutSystems to quickly develop and deliver their custom and mission critical mobile and web enterprise applications. The more applications our customers deliver the more they appreciate the robust, complete and open OutSystems Platform.

The best way to understand OutSystems Platform is to look at examples of real-world deployments or watch the 2-minute overview of the platform.

If you are ready to try a new way to deliver and manage enterprise applications, contact us to try try OutSystems Platform for free.



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