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Customer Portal
Improve your communication with customers

The Energy Customer Portal pre-built app allows customers to connect with their energy supplier using mobile devices. This type of app greatly improves the quality of service delivery and customer engagement by providing customers a cheaper, faster and more efficient way to interact with the company. In return the company will get more engaged customers, reduce costs of physical channels and optimize the service delivery, marketing and customer care.

Ready to use functionality to get you started

The Energy Customer Portal pre-built app provides easy-to-use interfaces that work great on every device and includes significant built-in functionality:

  • Energy consumption readings for all existing contracts and services, including past consumption history;

  • Billing history, invoice preview and download;

  • In-app payments;

  • Step-by-step support, allowing customers to contact customer service, browse FAQs or chat with customer support representatives;

  • New services simulator and subscription, allowing customers to find alternative pricing and service options, including recommendations;

  • Store locator that uses the devices geolocation to show nearby stores;

  • Energy outage reporting to request technical interventions.


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