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Field Services App

Field Services App
Enable field technicians through mobile

The Field Services pre-built app empowers field technicians with a mobile device so they can complete the service efficiently (ideally) on the first customer visit, thus improving overall productivity by reducing the number of visits required to complete a task which cuts down costs and increases the number of visits per day. By having customer information, installation details, and service transactions in the technician's hands, technicians will also require less back-office support.

Last but not least, Field Services app offer an opportunity to leverage service upsell opportunities in the moment.

For example, telecoms often equip their installers with mobile devices running apps to drive their day-to-day operations in order to improve the time it takes to setup new customers, better troubleshoot customer issues and cross sell products during an installation.


Ready to use functionality:

The Field Services pre-built app for telecoms provides easy-to-use interfaces that work great on every device and includes significant built-in functionality:

  • Day planning based on scheduled work orders

  • Inventory checks to ensure all parts are available for planned work orders

  • Get field technicians free slots in order to schedule a new customer installation work order

  • Confirm addresses with customers

  • Review customer’s service details and past purchases to enable field technicians to offer new service upgrades

  • Information on customer’s special requirements or home configurations

  • Customers can understand which offers are available

  • Customers are able to schedule an installation for a time that she knows to be available, so that she can make herself available at home

  • Customers can  reschedule an intervention with a technician on the spot


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