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Sales App

Sales App
Manage sales opportunities with accurate forecasts

The Sales pre-built app is a responsive application that provides the base functionality found in most CRM packages. It works across all devices and provides your sales force a great user experience. This pre-built app can be integrated with your existing systems and be fully customized to your specific company needs in a matter of weeks.

Ready to use functionality to get you started:

The Sales pre-built app provides easy to use interfaces and built-in functionality including:

  • Manage accounts, contacts and opportunities;

  • Register contact and company info gathered during discovery calls;

  • Log information of all your sales interactions with contacts;

  • Schedule follow-up tasks;

  • Register opportunity amounts and expected close dates;

  • Update opportunity stages and % close to completion;

  • Monitor your team's quarterly status and quotas;

  • See opportunities that are estimated to close this quarter;

  • See pipeline status and sales forecast for next quarter.


This app, fully customized to your needs in weeks.

If you need an app like this but don’t have the resources to customize it, we can help! With OutSystems we can deliver this app fully tailored to your unique specs, in weeks!

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Are you a developer?

This pre-built app is open source and available for free in the OutSystems Forge. You can change existing functionality, integrate systems, and add your own new features extremely fast using OutSystems.

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Need an app like this?

...but don't have the resources to customize it or deliver new apps? With OutSystems we can deliver this app for you, fully tailored to your specs, in weeks!

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