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The 13 Commandments of DevOps: Does Your IT Lag Behind Market Demands?

Your IT organization doesn’t have to be made of silos or lag behind whenever it needs to react rapidly to market demands. Your teams can collaborate and communicate with agility. And you can get your Developers and Operations in the same boat, moving in the same direction, as one, while improving the way you satisfy business needs.

Of course you already have some kind of cross-team collaboration, the right people, and some tools and processes. But is that structure enough? Does it really address your organization’s IT challenges? Probably not.

But if everything is set up correctly, what is the missing piece? Finding this link is a hard endeavor and cannot simply be solved by hiring an expert with both Dev and Ops skills or by buying a management tool.

DevOps is all about culture, changing the way your organization as a whole perceives the challenge and adjusts to address it accordingly. Improved collaboration, faster and more frequent application deployment via IT automation and process standardization, reduced time to market and a closer Business-IT alignment are just some of the ways DevOps impacts your organization. 13 Commandments DevOps: a list of great developer operation guidelines

DevOps brings that much more to the table. Ultimately it is an instrumental philosophy to enable you to increase the value you deliver to your customers. Faster.

This list outlines the critical steps you can follow for a successful DevOps strategy along your application delivery lifecycle. Most importantly, it lets you know why each of these practices matter. Your DevOps success will rely on each of them.

Share this checklist as much as you can. Make it visible. Make the benefits of DevOps really clear for everyone in your organization, not just IT.

Show your organization how to implement these principles and practices systematically. It will jumpstart your change to a DevOps-focused mindset the right way.



About the author

Rui Mendes

Software architect at OutSystems and passionate about finding elegant solutions for complex problems, Rui has been addressing the governance challenges of operating large OutSystems factories. He is also an Agile and DevOps enthusiast/promoter both inside and outside the company.


Monitoring and supporting End-user to fix the issues is my responsibility at NSM LLC a custom Application development company
these principles and practices I implement while monitoring
1)Monitoring the analytics of our application includes its impact on business and customer base,
2)Proactively respond to the issues at end user and fix asap,
3)monitoring feedback from customer base regarding the application impact on their business process in presence of developer team to pipeline the development process, and many more,
the list shared really adds some value for our process of sdlc implementation, Thanks @Rui Mends

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Nice Article. In short description good explanation about the DevOps. Thanks For sharing the informative news.

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