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How Pacific Cross Delivered Its Mobile App in 30 Days

Based in Hong Kong, Pacific Cross provides health insurance and health care services across Asia. The company has been growing for more than 25 years, and today it offers worldwide coverage for medical, life, dental, personal accident, and travel insurance, among other areas.haelthtech quote

But serving Asian customers isn’t always easy. That’s because they tend to be very tech savvy and to have exceedingly high expectations. So when Pacific Cross was in danger of losing its biggest client to a competitor with a mobile solution that Pacific Cross didn’t offer – it had to act fast. In fact, unless the company could build its own mobile application in just 30 days, the client planned to take its business elsewhere.

Faced With a Monumental Challenge, Pacific Cross Seeks Help

For help, Pacific Cross turned to HaelthTech, a software company that specializes in building cost-effective, flexible, web- and mobile-based health insurance and risk management systems. Together, their mission was to develop a mobile application that integrated with a Java stack legacy backend that would:

  • Enable member and administrator access to the back-end insurance application for easy appointment scheduling and insurance coverage.
  • Be easy to use and provide an intuitive experience for a wide range of users, including older members and medical staff.
  • Provide robust, rapid development and deployment so the application could easily be built and managed, and scale as company and customer needs changed.

The app would also have to fulfill a long list of other functional requirements. HaelthTech CEO Scott Darrow realized that they’d need to rely on a low-code application development and deployment platform to deliver the app in such a tight timeframe. That’s when he decided to turn to OutSystems.

Darrow and team chose OutSystems because it truly is an end-to-end platform that handles the full software development lifecycle from creation to deployment to managing ongoing change. And it turned out to be the right decision.

Thirty days later, Pacific Cross deployed its mobile app, which consumed REST APIs to provide a front end that integrated with a legacy back-end system and the cloud. Pacific Cross learned just how fast applications are built using OutSystems, and that those apps are high functioning, mobile, and ready for deployment at massive scale.

Mobile App Built, Client Retained

By launching such a successful mobile app in the specified time frame, Pacific Cross was able to retain its client. Not only that, the company has since begun work on numerous initiatives to further enhance the app’s functionality. These updates include full integration with providers, empowering them to market themselves and manage provider details related to doctors and specialists and their hours of operations. The app now also lets hospital reps check member credentials via two-factor authentication and to process claims on the spot.

According to Darrow, using OutSystems made a huge difference. Given the scale of the project, there isn’t any other platform he would have rather worked with. To learn more about how OutSystems helped Pacific Cross develop its successful mobile app, check out the full case study.


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