The 6 Major Mobile Trends for 2012

Mobile is one of the big trends for 2012, and with the year just starting, it’s a great time to make some predictions about what will happen in the upcoming months. So here they are, the 6 major mobile trends for 2012:

  1. Mobile Web will be the dominant architecture. Native mobile apps may be sexy, but their cost and the lack of support for multiple devices make them a no-go for the  enterprise. According to Gartner, by 2014, less than 15% of enterprises will develop B2E native apps.
  2. HTML5 will keep evolving in 2012. More access to the device’s features and sensors are sure to appear in all the modern browsers, be it on the desktop, tablets or smartphones. This will close the gap between native and browser based applications, making an even stronger case for mobile web.
  3. CxOs will want dashboards on their tablets. Having the data you need, together with strong business intelligence at your fingertips, is a dream value proposition for CxOs. Having the access in their hands at all times is golden. Reports and dashboards on the tablet will soon become the norm in every meeting.
  4. The Enterprise AppStore. Since mobile web applications aren’t available on the appstore, enterprises will need to build their own appstores. These are simple applications where users can access specific mobile web applications depending on their role and permissions.
  5. Geolocation everywhere. One of the game changers of mobile is that that we now carry a lot of sensors with us. And location is a very interesting bit of information that is currently underused. There are already examples of reminders based on location and the like, but I’m betting on 2012 to give us some really creative uses of geolocation.
  6. Mobile will push the cloud. About 1/3 of the companies that adopted the cloud, did it in order to be able to access information from any device. Compounded with all other cloud advantages, I believe mobile will be on the forefront of cloud adoption during 2012.
So here they are, the 6 Major Mobile Trends for 2012. Here’s a video presentation that gives a bit more insight on this topic and, if your want to learn more about how to build mobile applications, be sure to visit our mobile page.
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