Eric ten Harkel, founder and manager of COOLProfs, started this really insightful and humorous look at some provocative signs that a company should avoid model-driven development:

  • You want to hide behind technology
  • Producing hours is all that matters
  • Methodology over delivery
  • Your most important goal is management attention
  • Your marketing manager is color blind
  • You are not in the 21st century yet
  • High productivity is a threat

Eric presents seven reasons to avoid MDD

With over 23 years of model based development using Agile-like methods, Eric took a look at how the industry has evolved and outlined his thoughts on opportunities for improvement. He discussed the outsourcing movement, but stated that the value of Agile and the need for business alignment will kill this for all but the most commodity-based applications.

Eric pointed out that development takes too long and is too hard with current tools like Visual Studio. Although new tools will help the development time, he made the point that the tools in themselves are useless without proper methodology.

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An answer to this was DSDM. This enabled doing the project in an iterative way, paving the way to Agile. Eric then talked about the psychology of Agile. He highlighted two main points that he believes make Agile successful:

  • If you're worried and you share the worry, the worry decreases
  • If you're happy and share the happiness, the happiness increases

The winning formula for Eric consists in balancing the methodology, the organization, and the tools. And Eric says that in the future COOLProfs will be using OutSystems as the tool.

The reasons that make Eric love OutSystems are the platform stability, the customer involvement, the ability of the platform to handle large volumes, the scrum meetings, the ability to change systems on the fly, and the amazing quality of its support.