A letter to Santa from an Agile Platform

Dear Santa,
I’ve been a good girl in the last few years, providing ITs all across the world the ability to have a productivity they could never imagine. I help all kinds of developers, from juniors to seniors, to implement large and robust web applications in a fraction of the time they would take if using traditional frameworks.


But I miss something… I miss a fast way to reach those developers that have not heard of me before. I miss a good way to let them know how valuable I am. Every time I want to introduce myself to someone I always need to take my friends SQL Server, IIS and MSMQ with me, turning that first introduction into a very formal commitment.
This Xmas I would like to be tried by those developers much more easily. I would really like you to bring me a cloud trial service. That way I would only send them Service Studio, my IDE, to show them all the awesome things I can provide. It would really be fun if they could play around in my cloud sandbox for a while.
Oh, and meanwhile, I could give them an engaging learning experience, with game-like tutorials that go straight to the point, contextually helping them whenever they need to know more.
I bet all of this would really bring my users closer to me. And that would make me an even better girl.
Thank you Santa. Hope you drop by this December.
The Agile Platform
Guess what… The R&D team pulled up their sleeves and made sure that Santa would come sooner this year!
Version 5.1.1 was released as a technical preview on Dec 2, and you are all invited to try it out.
The entire team made such a fantastic job in focusing on the most relevant user stories, in order to deliver a valuable release in a much shorter amount of time, that in the end we got ourselves a small party… And we even got a new mug!


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Gonçalo Borrêga

After ten years of hardcore development, Gonçalo got bored with the repetitive tasks that are required project after project. So, he adventured into finding the best way to bring automation and productivity to the rest of us.


Stephan Ronde

You have convinced me to subscribe to your blog, but where can I find the RSS feed?

Tiago Simões

You can find the RSS feed in here: http://feedpress.me/outsystems-blog

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