Add a bit of Xmas to your web app

We’re already deep in the holiday season, but it’s never too late to add a bit of Xmas spirit to your Web Application!

I thought about adding Xmas lights, flying reindeers, working elves… but it seems to me that for an Enterprise Web Application something a bit subtler was in order.

So I ended up just putting in a bit of snow on the Sales application:

Check the video to see snow in action, or visit the OutSystems Network to see it live in a real web page!

If you’re using the Agile Platform and want to add some snow to your app, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get the “Xmas” component from the OutSystems Community
  2. Reference the component from your web app
  3. Drag the “LetItsnow” block to a particular page, or to the footer if you want snow on all pages
  4. Click 1CP, sit back, enjoy your eggnog, and let it snow!

If you’re not using the Agile Platform, there’s a bit more work involved…

  1. Get the Javascript file from this site
  2. Place the Javascript on all your front end servers
  3. Edit your pages and look for the <head> section
  4. Add the line <script src="snowstorm.js"></script>
  5. Customize the snow with a bit more Javascript
    snowStorm.snowColor = '#cccccc';
    snowStorm.snowStick = false;
    snowStorm.animationInterval = 75;
  6. Make sure you didn’t break anything!
  7. Follow the “move to production” checklist (if you have one)
  8. Send the changes to your ops team and wait for them to move it to production… hopefully that will happen before Xmas! 🙂
Have a snowy Merry Xmas!
About the author

Rodrigo Coutinho

A member of the founder’s team, Rodrigo has a passion for web development, great products, and geeky stuff. He spends his time designing future versions of the OutSystems Platform and dreaming about the cool future of the web.


Philip Kesler

I tried this and got an error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

Too bad it’s a really fresh version of Outsystems you’ve made this in.
We’re keeping up pretty well I think being at version …

@Philip: That’s really odd… the component is having a lot of success in the Community, and seems to be working alright. Would you mind getting in touch with our support to see what’s the problem? Also feel free to contact me directly via email if you prefer. Thanks!
@Eric: We’re working on a back-port, and we’ll be publishing it soon! And it will include a flying Santa’s sleigh!

Ok everybody, a 5.1 version is already available and can be downloaded from the Component’s version history at
In case you’re wondering, this downgrade was done manually: i.e. I rebuilt the Xmas eSpace from scratch in 5.1 myself. We at OutSystems really spare no effort to keep you guys happy, lol
Enjoy the component and the festivities,

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