Agile Platform – A glimpse into the future

Following his keynote, Paulo Rosado introduced Mike Jones, OutSystems’ VP of Marketing. You could tell that Mike was really eager to talk, but he started out with a disclaimer. All that is showed (and blogged!) on this session is subject to change. This is still work in progress!
With that said, Mike revealed the short term roadmap for the Agile Platform:
  • 5.1 by late June – Focus on Extreme Productivity
  • 6.0 by the end of year – Focus on User Experience
To make a stronger point on 6.0, Paulo highlighted the growing importance of usability on Web Applications. After all, usability has a huge payoff in terms of adoption and ease of learning Web Apps.
Mike then announced some exciting things that are going on at OutSystems:
  • The OutByNumbers program: The goal of this project is to measure productivity. After all, as Mike put it, “the only way to know if you’re being efficient is to measure!”
  • The 5.0 Cloud Readiness: Paulo mentioned that the customers were complaining that with the Agile Platform, it takes less time to build the app than to order the HW! So, OutSystems will provision development environments in the cloud, within minutes!
Mike then focused on some of the features that will be available for 5.1:
  • Search Engine Optimization: The Agile Platform is being used to build a lot of web sites, and these need to have a high ranking on Google & Bing!
  • Multiple Databases: Large customers with huge sets of data need support for data isolation, both for security and maintenance issues. 5.1 will support this out of the box!
  • Embedded Tutorials: In order to get new developers up-to-speed with the platform as quickly as possible, OutSystems will use Video Gaming technology to teach newcomers  how to be productive in a fast and fun way!
  • Wizards: It is very important to have a 1st cut of the application to show the business as soon as possible. This allows IT to quickly show the business the advantages of a build vs buy strategy. You can tell that Paulo is really excited about the wizards, and the impact they have on a developer’s productivity!


At this point, Mike is teasing Paulo: “Are you just gonna talk about the wizards, or are you gonna show us?”. Paulo’s answer? “I can show you, but first I’ll take my jacket off. I’m a developer now!” Big round of applause from the developers on the crowd!
So 5.1 is on the big screen, and Paulo is developing an Enterprise Web Application. As he himself said, “I haven’t done development in 7 years, and here I am doing a demo.”
The demo itself was pretty amazing! Starting with an Excel, and using the Wizards, it took Paulo only 8 minutes to create and publish an Employee Directory Web Application. As Paulo was building the application, stars flew across the screen each time Service Studio did its magic! And the audience kept going “ooooohhh”!
For the finale, Paulo showed us a glimpse of 6.0, and the new “Themes” feature. With this, he totally revamped the application to look like Apple’s website in a click! Loads of clapping from the audience. But the best was yet to come!
Paulo used the Themes and Wizards together to build an iPhone application! He showed the address on screen, and invited people in the audience to access the application, and use it to call Mike – right there on stage!
The faster to dialer was Marco Navega, who got to go up on stage an won a new iPod! And you know what? He wasn’t even using an iPhone, he did it with a Blackberry!
Before leaving the stage, Paulo asked the audience to give the R&D and Product Management team a big round of applause for making all these features possible, and the audience responded with a huge ovation!


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Rodrigo Coutinho

A member of the founder’s team, Rodrigo has a passion for web development, great products, and geeky stuff. He spends his time designing future versions of the OutSystems Platform and dreaming about the cool future of the web.


Michel Ozzello

This was one of the most amazing demos I’ve ever seen performed live.
I work at OutSystems and was expecting something really cool to be shown during this session. But everything I had heard about by the coffee machine in the office was not even close to what I saw being done on stage.
And from the reaction of the crowd, I’m guessing thy were feeling the same…
I was trying to explain what I was seeing on my Twitter account, and I actually missed some of the fun. Is there a video of the demo? Anyone got it on tape?

Ricardo Araújo

The R&D and Product team did the job very well done.
A fem months ago at Solutions Delivery, we have send some feedback that was huge improvement in productivity if we had screen wizards in the service studio, but honestly, i have never dream about the way its being developed.
This is huge!!! Great job!

Hugo Veiga

Awesome, really great work 😉 I wish I could have seen the audience reaction. Hope today goes even further in awesomeness 😀

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