Asking Forrester’s Rymer: Future of Enterprise Apps?

There has been a flurry of activity in the OutSystems offices as we’ve been setting up new web pages for an experiment we’re conducting with Forrester Research‘s John Rymer. It’s a kind of social consulting experiment if you like – where OutSystems is sponsoring some consulting time with John, and inviting anyone (via Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) in the IT world to ask him questions on the topic of  “The Future of Enterprise Applications.”


The idea is simple:

1) Post your question. You can post as many questions as you like on the subject – or sub-topics like cloud, mobility, tools, agile… (and don’t forget to retweet it and follow the hashtag #AskRymer)

2) John will select up to 10 questions to answer, and we will meet with him next week during the Forrester IT Forum in Las Vegas to record his answers for you. (BTW, if you’re attending IT Forum, stop by the OutSystems booth and say Hi!)

3) We will post the videos of his answers to the project webpage (and here, no doubt) and then tweet, blog, shout, and jump up and down to tell everyone they’re ready!

Both John and the OutSystems gang are very excited to see how this experiment works out. We believe that the online IT community is very vibrant and sure to come up with thought-provoking questions!

So – what questions do you want to ask John Rymer about the Future of Enterprise Apps? Ask him now.

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Michel Ozzello

Although he's been working in Marketing for the past decade or so, Michel is still a geeky Software Engineer at heart. He tries to fit technology in every bit of marketing activity he does - from SEO to websites and digital advertising.


Check out John Rymer’s post on the project http://blogs.forrester.com/john_r_rymer/10-05-17-ask_rymer_lets_figure_out_how_apps_are_changing

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