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High Performance Web Applications

António Melo of OutSystems, started his session on web applications performance by setting the scene about the several performance concerns that need to be taken into consideration: 1) define quantitative targets; 2) estimate the infrastructure required to go live and 3) evaluate performance and scalability as you move forward.

Moving forward with his presentation, António listed a few issues to consider at each of those stages. One is the data transfer between the browser and the server. (more…)

Agile Success in the REAL World

Rui Afonso of Hyfas spoke about the key success factors of introducing and succeeding with Agile projects in small and mid-size companies. In comparison, Rui reviewed the distinct challenges presented to these corporations.

So, how should one deal with small and mid-size company agile projects? Start by showing value early and often. Secondly, don’t overload the customer with decisions. Instead, you should help him and leverage a trustful sponsor. (more…)

OutSystems and SAP – a Perfect Match?

Hugo Matthioli of Reditus spoke this afternoon on OutSystems & SAP complementary solutions. He discussed the strengths of combining the two products and methodologies and how to combine them to extend base ERP functionality into the Intranet of RPA – Rui Pena, Arnaut & Associados, a leading Portuguese law firm. Reditus orchestrates the delivery through its custom development and SAP implementation businesses, offering powerful combined solutions to its customers. (more…)

From BPM to Business Process Technology (BPT) – Agile Platform comparison with BPMS

Eric Green, CTO at akiCorp – the actionable knowledge company – specialized in BPM. He started the Platform Techniques track with a detailed comparison between the Agile Platform 5.0 Business Process Technology (BPT) with Business Process Management Suites (BPMS). (more…)