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Don’t Confuse Low-Code with No-Code

As with most emerging markets, the exploding low-code and no-code segments are fraught with confusion. Even coming up with useful names for the offerings in these categories is a challenge.

Why You Should Choose an Enterprise-Grade Low-Code Platform

In a recent BrainBlog post I discussed the spectrum of low-code/no-code platforms. At the no-code end of this spectrum are tools for business users to create a variety of business applications via straightforward, drag-and-drop style interactions.At the other extreme, low-code platforms like OutSystems focus on accelerating and streamlining the work of professional developers, as they build enterprise-grade applications. Fair enough – but what do we mean by enterprise-grade?

The Time Has Come for Low-Code Platforms

The low-code/no-code space is a rapidly emerging market – or perhaps more than one, as emerging markets can be extraordinarily dynamic. In fact, the vendors in this space are remarkably diverse, and are gradually fleshing out a spectrum with no-code on one extreme and low-code on the other. In this blog, industry guru, Jason Bloomberg, explores the emerging low-code landscape.

How EMC Built and Scaled TheHub to Serve 12,000 Engineers

As the “low-code” platform market explodes, many non-technical employees of today’s organizations are able to build enterprise-class applications by assembling pre-built components using simple, drag and drop capabilities. This “citizen developer” movement, however, is only a part of the low-code story. In fact, the platforms in this market fall on a spectrum from true “no code” environments suitable for non-technical users on the one hand, to platforms that help bona fide developers accelerate and simplify the creation and deployment of applications that require custom coding. Learn how and why tech giant EMC used a low-code platform from OutSystems to build an easy to use portal that facilitates EMC’s open contribution model across all of its labs.
Citizen developer uses OutSystems on a laptop

Empowering the Citizen Developer with Self-Service IT

Enterprises across all industries are in the midst of difficult, bet-the-company changes we call digital transformation. With such transformation comes a large measure of risk – the risk that the slow, traditionally run IT organization won’t be able to keep up with the faster, customer-facing digital efforts. Today, ‘citizen developers’ – often with little or no programming experience – are able to leverage a combination of trends and technologies to augment their ability to create increasingly sophisticated applications.