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Low-Code Market Gets Needed Clarity from The New Stack – Leaders, Laggards and Lemmings

The low-code market is evolving rapidly now, yet I still ask myself... “Are we there yet?” Anyone who has taken a family vacation that involved a long car ride knows this question well. It expresses a combination of great anticipation, but also some frustration because it is taking a long time to get to the promised land.

Low-code Platforms and the Convergence of Modern App Dev

The market for low-code application development has skyrocketed in the last 18 months. Why? The business drivers are clear and include the increased pressure on IT teams to deliver faster solutions, the shortage of developer talent across the globe, and the increased need for business agility. At the same time, the benefits and success stories of low-code development are also making news: Doubling developer productivity, driving down total cost of ownership, and even reducing technical debt for old legacy systems.

Getting the Lowdown on Low-Code: Who to Follow to be in the Know

On the surface, “Low-Code” development can seem like a no-brainer for a modern organization looking for ways to digitize its business and transform its operations. The new technology promises to speed up the application development process and deliver innovative apps much quicker with better user adoption.

Analysts Rate the Best 14 Rapid App Dev Platforms (Low-Code Development)

It is big news that Forrester recently published the most comprehensive study to date about the top rapid app development platform vendors. The Forrester Wave: Low-Code Development Platforms, Q2 2016 presents a comprehensive review of the 14 leading vendors using 26-criteria evaluation. This work leveraged an initial market landscape review of 42 vendors, classified in five segments: general-purpose, process, mobile-first, request-handling, and database.

In Only Two Years, OutSystems Is the Highest Among Visionaries in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

The idea of a rapid application development platform was visionary in 2001 when we started OutSystems, just as our decision to offer it as an application platform as a service (aPaaS) was three years ago. So of course we are ecstatic that Gartner has again recognized our vision. OutSystems has moved from Niche Player to Visionary in the recently released Magic Quadrant report for Enterprise Application Platform as a Service.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding OutSystems

Do you want to really understand the “why and how” of OutSystems Platform to determine if it is right for your organization? Today, that discovery process became a little bit easier with the launch of our new OutSystems Platform Evaluation Guide. (more…)

From Channel9: Speed of RAD Meets the Simplicity of Azure

If you like the benefits of simplicity and scalability you get with Microsoft Azure, you'll love the speed you can get with OutSystems Platform, an advanced, complete Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) platform that's now available on Azure.

[PDF] Mobile Development Tools: Categorized and Compared

With the market for mobile application development still maturing, the plethora of tools available to help address your enterprise app portfolio needs can be overwhelming. So, we took some time to really understand what tools are available, what categories they fall into, what stage of the development cycle they address, and what functions they perform. The resulting reference architecture matrix shows that you'll need a complex chain of interwoven point solutions to achieve enterprise mobility.