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IT Productivity – 3 Tips for Radical Change

As I talk to different IT managers and their teams about how they go about application development when building custom software I am always amazed by the excuses as to why their team cannot change. They range from compliance and regulatory issues, lack of time to learn a new technology and everything in between.


Save money and deliver ahead of schedule: The SATA story

I was excited to read a story in PM Network profiling our client, SATA International, an airline headquartered in Portugal. The article highlights how SATA – using OutSystems – built a custom airport operational management system after the packaged software vendor behind their previous application came to them at renewal time presenting a significant price increase. (more…)

Custom SaaS Calls for RAD PaaS

I will bet that in some form or fashion you have Software as a Service (SaaS) in your organization. Now, I am not talking about packages that have been purchased and installed on your servers – I am talking about true SaaS. Where the software is running in the ‘cloud’ on your SaaS provider’s servers. There is a lot of hype around SaaS and the hope that in the near future all your applications will simply be purchased in the cloud and start working immediately. Sounds great – right?

SIIA PaaS Requirements

The availability of technology has gotten better. This makes things more accessible, usable, etc. For example, it was not but a few years ago that you still used a phone line and wire to connect to your email when traveling on business. How we forget the good ole days and thank someone for wireless access. In the cloud we are making access to virtualized servers, data stores and the needed services to manage them available under a utility model – you only pay for what you use. (more…)

3 Steps to Measure Your App Dev Productivity

Today, more than ever, analytics are the keys to success.  One of the areas that is still very hard to measure is the productivity of your application development teams.

While finding out how productive your teams are might seem scary, it is far better than not knowing. In this post I will provide three steps and some resources to help you start down the path to understanding the productivity of your application development teams. Once you have a means to measure and monitor, then you can iteratively improve your application development productivity. (more…)

Managing time is critical when you improve web application development productivity

Improve Web Application Development in 7 Not-So-Easy Steps

What’s every manager’s dream, after finding buried pirate gold, starting a unicorn ranch, and marrying a beautiful globetrotting supermodel? Why, to improve web application development productivity, of course!

The Departmental Web App – From Niche to Mission-Critical

There’s no pattern for innovation in an enterprise – while R&D might be responsible for driving new products, someone in logistics or facilities might think up the multi-million dollar selling feature as opposed to a product-design PhD.  The same goes for innovation with corporate IT – new applications aren’t always driven by developers but often by the specific necessities of a certain business unit, whether it’s sales, HR or management. (more…)

A Developer Diary: Justin James on the Agile Platform Service Studio

There’s no better way to try technology out than to build a real-lifeapplication with it. Taking an idea for a product and developing it is a great way to understand the value and shortcomings of any new tool.

This is exactly what Justin James decided to do with the Agile Platform and he’s journaling his experience of developing his new web app, Rat Catcher, in a series of diary entries that are being published in Tech Republic. You can check out his first set of entries: Diary #1, Diary #2.


InfoWorld ranks web development tools: Agile Platform gets highest rating “very good”

Earlier this week InfoWorld delivered its findings after reviewing multiple web development tools.  They looked across five key areas to compile the score; Ease of Development, Extensibility, Portability, Documentation and Value.  The products reviewed were Alpha Five Version 10, Iron Speed Designer 6.2.1, Visual LANSA for the Web 11.5, OutSystems Agile Platform 5.0, and MLstate OPA S2 Beta. (more…)

Going Social – Face to Face!

I just got a chance to look into a new offering at this year’s NextStep 2010 conference – Network Breakfast Roundtable discussions. While many of you like to write and share ideas online like I do, there is nothing better than getting to sit face to face and discuss a topic that is top-of-mind for you. This is what these sessions are all about. (more…)