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Still playing planning poker? Stop gambling with your project budget.

There’s a lot of blogging about agile estimating and planning but most, if not all, that I’ve come across only pertain to after the project has been started.  Further, what is being estimated and planned is for the iterations.  So how does one define budget for the agile project itself, specifically a web business application project?  I mean, the cost of the hardware, 3rd party software, facilities, etc. everything except the actual software development cost can be fairly straight forward to budget.  (more…)

Measuring Agile Success?

Last month our company announced its new Agility Awards – and the first set of awards were presented for five Agile projects that had been completed by customers and partners using  OutSystems’ Agile Platform and employing Agile methodology.

The question I want to pose is what are good criteria for assessing a successful Agile project? This question builds on Mike’s recent post about criteria for measuring an Agile project manager’s success – and we got lots of great responses and ideas in the comments. (more…)

A literal five step agile roadmap

Five Step Agile Roadmap – Put Your Team at Ease

A recent LinkedIn question asked for advice on how to get a company started down a path to Agile and SCRUM. I thought it might be useful to share some advice and see if the OutSystems community had any ideas to add.

At OutSystems, our five step Agile roadmap is strictly a guideline because companies have different methods, cultures, and management approaches. When introducing Agile, here are the steps we generally go through. Concepts and activities that are emphasized will vary based on understanding of the customer culture, organizational structure (formal and informal), as well as their prior knowledge of Agile methodologies. (more…)