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Creating Custom Apps on Top of SAP? Well, Your Life Just Got Easier.

SAP customers can finally breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to digitizing the increasingly mobile customer journey. Our new enterprise edition of OutSystems for SAP enables organizations to quickly and easily build advanced, end-to-end applications that make the most of your custom SAP implementation and that run across all devices and screens - including web.
Button with no vendor lockin

Vendor Lock-In Example: The Salesforce Industries Strategy

When announced its new industries strategy, analysts predicted it would be the catalyst for a “second wave of SaaS adoption.” But as the SaaS provider rolls out verticalized offerings built on the Salesforce1 Platform, it will also become the second wave of vendor lock-in.

OutSystems Platform 9 Amsterdam: RAD is Here to Stay

Let’s make no mistake, we believe that RAD is the future of app delivery. OutSystems has been focused on making an application platform that has what it takes to fit a wide range of use cases, from the single developer creating a few apps, to a complicated enterprise IT organization. We do this because we believe in the future of RAD and are frustrated by other market offerings that give the true capabilities of this approach a bad name or implied limited scope.
Sample pages from Ovum's MADP decision matrix report

Ovum Decision Matrix: Choose the Right MADP Platform

A significant new piece of research on mobile app development platforms was just released, giving guidance to organizations trying to get a handle on their approach to mobility. The Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Mobile App Development Platform Solution highlights what companies should be looking for in a MADP solution. Given the amount of time, energy, money, anxiety, and attention that is being aimed at enterprise mobility right now, this report is quite timely.
User provides graphic feedback within an OutSystems iPad application

Video: How Rich User Feedback Eases Change Management

OutSystems has streamlined and extended its App Feedback feature. The ability to properly and directly capture context and user feedback is available across all devices - with specific goodies for mobile - along with a beautiful new developer interface! This blog post provides screen shots and a short video explaining the new functionality. We hope you enjoy this update and that you use it to great effect further crushing cycle time.
Hitting a wall with RAD? Consider a rapid delivery platform

How to Avoid a RAD Life Cycle Wall: Automate Deployment

We hear it all the time: As the development queue grows, so does the pressure on IT to deliver. Managers and executives want mobile applications yesterday, and IT is struggling to simply keep its head above water. As a result, many IT organizations are on a mission to reduce development time...

The Evolving Market for Rapid Mobile App Development Tools

Analyst firm Gartner recently published a new market guide, Gartner Market Guide for Rapid Mobile App Development Tools, (Richard Marshall, Nick Jones and Jason Wong, November 19, 2014), which we believe is designed to help enterprises navigate the landscape of rapid development tools, which aim to simplify, through ‘low-code’ or ‘no-code’ offerings, mobile app development, to the point that anyone - developer or not - can use them.

Forrester Wave Report: OutSystems Named a Leader in Enterprise Public Cloud Platforms for Rapid Developers

The Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) markets are littered with solutions that attempt to solve various challenges application development and delivery (AD&D) organizations face today.So when Forrester recently released their Wave report on Enterprise Public Cloud Platforms, we were pleased to read their advice on navigating this space and choosing an appropriate solution.

Ovum’s take – Make sure your Rapid App Delivery (RAD) solution can keep up

We talk a lot about how a Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) solution like OutSystems Platform can enable IT organizations to deliver custom mobile and web applications more efficiently than traditional methods. But it occurred to me as I was reading a recently published On the Radar by analyst firm Ovum how much the success of a RAD platform depends on the provider’s ability to keep pace with change. (more…)

Four lessons learned in mobile scaling -- illustrated

4 Lessons in Mobile Scaling: Growing Wodify to 100K Users

Justin James discusses what Wodify learned when they scaled their app from zero to 100k usersIt’s time IT meets their mobile users where they’re at – and give them what they need. At OutSystems, we are continually working to make that easier for you, that is why Justin James’ presentation at NextStep 2014 rang so true. Justin shared lessons he and his team learned from scaling their app to 100K mobile users and I wanted to share them. (more…)