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Why Your Team Won’t Low-Code: Moving Fast Breaks Things

This post about the idea that moving fast breaks things is the fourth in a multi-part series that examines the negative reactions developers feel when introduced to low-code platforms. If you’re a completionist like me, you will want to read the previous posts before you continue: Job Loss, Pandora’s Black Box, and Oh Code You Didn’t.

“Move fast and break things,” is today’s de facto startup motto. The premise is that a few bugs are okay as long as you’re fast. Despite distancing the company from this belief in 2014, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg popularized this idea as a positive attribute of early product development. And the axiom remains: moving fast results in broken work. (more…)

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Why Your Team Won’t Low-Code: Oh Code You Didn’t

For a growing number of business concerns, low-code is the way forward. It's a streamlined development process faster than any that's come before it. This does not mean a loss of the passion for coding. It just means putting what you do into a bigger picture.
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Why Your Team Won’t Low-Code: Pandora’s Black Box

When I talk low-code platforms with developers, they assure me that they are treacherous black boxes from hell. And they can't afford to run mission-critical services on something they can't control. This logic seems sound – at first. But, it's really not. I'll explain why by shining a different light on black boxes so your team can take comfort in low-code platforms instead of fearing them.
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Why Your Team Won’t Low-Code: Job Loss

In mid-2016, I evaluated the upcoming OutSystems 10 release as a native mobile developer. I knew little of web development and nothing of low-code platforms. After slogging through tutorials, it hit me. I was creating complex products without as much as a blink. And this tool was significantly easier to learn than traditional software development. I began to get excited! A platform this powerful could accelerate the development process, bring products to market at startling rates, and replace— me!?... Excitement faded. Fear set in.