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The Law of Conservation of Complexity: 1 Simple Rule

First, the bad news: IT complexity will not go away.

The good news?

There’s a rule to help you decide what part of it you should tame yourself, and what part you should let go. We’ll get to that soon. (more…)


I Was Wrong About Offline

In the last few years, we (the engineers for a visual programming platform for creating enterprise apps) started receiving requests for our platform to enable the development of mobile apps that work offline.

I believed it was a fad and tried to convince everyone around me of that. Luckily, smarter people questioned my beliefs and led our product in the right direction. (more…)

The Hack for Surviving the Second- System Syndrome

Our mission was clear: We wanted OutSystems Platform 10 to generate awesome mobile apps. The platform generated (server-rendered) web applications, so we had to do a major system redesign, which included changing not only the runtime, but also large parts of the visual programming language, the compiler and the IDE.We called it “The New Runtime Project.”

Visual Programming Is Unbelievable… Here’s Why We Don’t Believe In It

Visual programming has been an unfulfilled prophecy for years. As so many other areas, like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, or speech recognition, when the hype was high, the underlying technology wasn’t there yet. But that was not its only problem… In this blog post, Tiago Simões explores the evolution of visual development languages and the psychology around why the market has been slow to adopt this approach.